Laura Puente

Director, Marketing Communications

Laura Puente - Director, Marketing Communications - BrandExtract - Laura Puente is Director, Marketing Communications at BrandExtract. She develops integrated web content strategies & digital marketing solutions for our clients.

Laura Puente
Director, Marketing Communications

Laura Puente has comprehensive experience in the realm of digital strategy, including focuses in content development and promotion, social media marketing and search engine optimization. Before joining BrandExtract, Laura worked for Consumer Media Network in Houston, where she managed marketing-focused content teams to support a large portfolio of websites within the higher education and insurance verticals. With eight years of experience, she works with all of our clients to develop integrated content strategies.

“There are no more shortcuts to a sustainable digital strategy. No templates, no gimmicks.”

Laura skillfully builds and pro-actively plans both short-term and long-term content solutions to enhance our clients’ digital strategies. She guides clients in nurturing their digital presence by establishing overarching web content strategies and goals for long-term commitment.

Laura continually seeks out new learning opportunities and stays current with the industry pulse. We are consistently impressed with her ability to manage multiple plans and projects while providing thoughtful, strategic input and an acute attention to detail.

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