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The Challenge

Founded in 1974 by the late Matthew R. Simmons, Houston-based Simmons & Company International is one of the largest and most experienced independent investment banks specializing in the energy industry. The firm's reputation for integrity and professionalism has enabled it to enjoy steady growth over the last four decades, expand to four global offices and establish itself as a premier partner in virtually every energy sector.

However, its retrospective website didn't effectively convey this caliber of expertise to potential clients or industry professionals and its true size and scope were unknown by many. The firm needed to overcome its image as an oilfield services investment bank, to showcase its capabilities across the entire energy spectrum.

Simmons & Company engaged BrandExtract to analyze its brand in an effort to align the firm with its brand experience. The main challenge was to elevate Simmons & Company's image by promoting its niche expertise, breadth of services and international presence, without losing site of its deep-rooted history and strong culture.

The BrandExtract Solution

A thorough brand assessment was conducted that included an audit of current communications materials, a detailed competitive analysis and 34 interviews of clients and employees. Using those findings as a strategic and creative framework, BrandExtract delivered targeted recommendations on the look, feel and voice of the new site.

One of the first elements that emerged from the assessment was the development of the tagline "Energy in Perspective," which BrandExtract advised using in order to capture the firm's specialized expertise and unique insight drawn from its 37-year history and magnitude of services.

The new positioning echoed throughout the site and inspired the visuals. A mix of custom photography and photos of Simmons & Company's employees were woven throughout to strike a balance between the firm's culture and level of expertise, resulting in a sophisticated departure from traditional imagery.

The intuitive site architecture and increased functionalities of the redesign enabled the firm to showcase its vast transaction history and research proficiency in a user-friendly way, while the addition of content-rich data increased awareness about the firm's breadth of coverage.

The Results

The redesign ultimately captured the true scope of the firm's capabilities, elevated its image and positioned it as a global energy investment bank.

Significant improvements included the addition of various dynamic tools:

• A transaction database comprised of 190 tombstones that can be filtered by five sectors and two deal types
• A coverage universe of more than 130 energy stocks
• Time zone clocks for each of the firm's global offices
• Yahoo! Finance stock ticker

Furthermore, the redesign features dedicated pages for both research and sales accolades, detailed information on every core segment and sector the firm serves, prominent case studies and a complete listing of the Simmons & Company team.

BrandExtract created a new look, feel and voice for Simmons & Company that aligns with the company's culture, depth of knowledge, unique perspective and global presence.

The program included:

  • Brand assessment
  • Brand positioning and tagline
  • Website and SEO
  • Custom portrait photography
  • Photo-illustration
  • Strategic messaging

"The new site is a reflection of our caliber of expertise and culture. Its tells the story of our 37-year-old heritage, and the people, philosophy and commitment to excellence that have allowed us to become a premiere energy investment bank."

Ira Green,
Managing Director, Simmons  & Co.

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