Aron Baker

Senior Brand Manager

Aron Baker Portrait

Jokester, Adequate Home Cook, Wannabe Drummer

Hailing from Central California, Senior Brand Manager Aron transplanted to West Texas at the ripe age of 16. The culture shock of rural America shaped who he became and fostered the way he approaches clients. His belief in a person’s humanity and individuality makes Aron a great communicator. He approaches each task with an unparalleled excitement for what it could become.

We must be willing to challenge the status quo. Each client’s brand deserves to be approached honestly with a fresh perspective, an open mind, and a wide-angle lens.

Aron comes to BrandExtract after working in several different industries. From working on the client-side to being an independent contractor, he has certainly been around the agency block a few times. He’s even been in the news, or, should we say, he worked for The Dallas Morning News.

The son of a retired chef, Aron knows his way around the almighty barbecue pit. If you get the offer to be a guest in his kitchen, take it. We hear he’s been known to hum his favorite old-school R&B tunes, making the experience a "dinner and a show," Texas-style.

Aron puts people at the center of almost everything he does. When he’s not brainstorming with clients, he can be found spending time with his three children and telling corresponding Dad jokes.