Camila Ruiz


Camila Ruiz Portrait

Helper by Nature, Native Colombian, Vinyl Collector

Driven by a sense of curiosity with a hint of wanderlust, Camila loves to explore new avenues in life and in design. As a designer, she uses her empathic and collaborative nature to design brands that capture the essence of our clients. When Camila is not designing new brands, she's either spending time observing the work of typographers, riding her bike around Houston with her boyfriend, wandering outdoors, drinking coffee, or printmaking.

Collaboration is an intrinsic aspect not only of our human nature, but, as designers, it is also essential to propelling the creative process.

Born in Bogota, Columbia, this native Rola joined BrandExtract in October 2019, is always moving forward. Camila came to Houston when she was 15, and then returned to Colombia after high school. She came back to Houston in 2012 to get an associate's degree at Houston Community College, followed by the University of Houston, where she graduated with a BA in Graphic Design.

Camila is known for pitching in whenever and wherever possible. Her first graphic design job was an internship with Dearwater Design, where she helped with photo-retouching, workflow for medical and oil and gas designs, and setting up the content layout and preliminary pieces for clients. Next, she worked at 5 + 8 as a Junior Designer, working on digital marketing, website design, customizing templates and refreshing visual identities and logos for a variety of clients.

Her talent has not gone unrecognized. She has had her illustration work around the subject of migration published by the 45 Symbols Project, and her team was awarded an Honor Award by SEDG for their "Encounter" art installation projects along Buffalo Bayou that encouraged public engagement.

"What really drew me to BrandExtract was the quarterly service events where employees go and volunteer as a team," she says. "The company's values match my own." She also enjoys the diversity of the projects and working with a larger team. "I look up to many of the designers in house. I love how nice everyone is."

Outside of work, Camila is nonstop. She is always looking for new ways to volunteer and give back to her community. She also looks into new ways to spur her creativity, like studying typographers. When she does finally slow down it's only to enjoy cold weather. That's when she'll put on her favorite vinyl record, kick-back and enjoy a nice cup of joe.


  • Associate's Degree, Digital Communications, Houston Community College
  • BA in Graphic Design, University of Houston