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5 Questions: A Conversation with The Black Door

June 14, 2010

We asked Tiffany Cullum, director of wine sales communications at Lasco Enterprises, to answer a few questions about her experience working with BrandExtract. In the past few months, we branded Lasco's retail wine program The Black Door from the ground up, and we recently launched the completely revamped website.

1. How have your customers/clients responded to your new brand?

The brand itself has a very "mysterious" look and feel to it, which allows for an easy conversation starter with our customers/clients when asked, "What is The Black Door?" Continual "Black Door" branded promotions/events and communication, both with our members and non-members, have helped gain much broader brand recognition over the past few months. The use of social networking, direct e-mail distributions and the use of our logo on various promotional materials/ads/promotions have also allowed for more visibility of the brand.

2. What do the people in your company think about your new brand?

Our staff stands not only behind the brand, but the entire concept as well. We have a relatively young staff of wine brokers who find the brand to be very "hip" yet "mysterious." The brand itself has become a tool that aids the employees when explaining "how" we (Lasco Enterprises) can buy wine at incredible prices and pass along those savings to our members on their retail wine purchases through "the back door," which evolved into "The Black Door." It's a very memorable story, which helps paint a mental picture for our members on the benefits of purchasing retail wine through our popular brick and mortar establishments.

3. What have you learned about the value of having a strongly defined brand?

I have learned that no matter how strongly defined your brand may be, continual communication regarding your brand both internally and externally is a must. A recognizable brand that leads to open verbal communication with guests/members is key when looking to gain a significant following and, ultimately, "ownership" of the brand. Our goal is for our members to become "advocates" for The Black Door and, without a strongly defined brand that would not be possible.

4. What did you personally learn about your company through the branding process?

I was amazed at how quickly the excitement about our brand spread through our corporate and floor staff. Once the brand was fully established, employees began to embrace the many possibilities and opportunities associated with The Black Door. I also learned that once our company sets its mind on an idea and has invested time, energy and money on that idea, we will exhaust all possibilities to make that idea/brand successful and profitable.

5. What are three words you would use to describe your experience with BrandExtract?

The 3 C's!

  • Consistent
  • Creative
  • Communication