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MPC Refinery Contractor Site Launches

August 12, 2020

The new MPC Refinery Conractor hompage

Marathon Petroleum Corp. recently launched a newly updated version of its MPC Refinery Contractor site.

Having recently gone through a rebrand of its corporate website, Marathon Petroleum Corp. wanted to apply its new brand style and architecture to all its affiliate websites, including its Refinery Contractor website. The website provides steps that all contractors are required to complete in order to work at any of the MPC's refineries. MPC also wanted to update the website to be much more mobile-friendly and incorporate the Andeavor assets acquired.

That's where the BrandExtract team came in. 

A look at the interior of the new MPC Refinery Contractor Website

Our goal with MPC was to update the old Marathon Refinery Contractor site to reflect the recent rebrand and design of the main MPC website. Using our enterprise-ready web content management system, SAM, we gave new life to the Refinery Contractor site with upgraded site architecture, a mobile-friendly design, and brand new assets from their previous acquisition. 

"While it was a relatively small site, it was still a fairly intensive process," says Digital Project Manager Alexandria Attar. "MPC was so helpful in coordinating with each refinery and collecting their policy information. We put a lot of thought into improving the architecture of the site and the refinery pages."

About Marathon Petroleum Corp.

Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) is a leading, integrated, downstream energy company that operates the US's largest refining system. They produce over 3 million barrels of crude oil per day across 16 refineries nationwide. Headquartered in Findley, Ohio, MPC has branded locations across the nation along with its subsidiaries like Speedway LLC. MPC also owns the general partner and majority limited partner interest in midstream company MPLX LP. Learn more by visiting their website:

About BrandExtract

BrandExtract is a brand experience firm that guides growing companies and inspires belief in their brands. Through a team of strategists, creatives and technology specialists, BrandExtract helps clients differentiate themselves, deliver on their brand promise and outperform their competitors across multiple industries.

We were privileged to collaborate with Millar on this project. To learn more about how we're inspiring belief through our work, check out some of the brands we've helped build. If you have any branding questions or might need help with a branding project, we'd love to chat.