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BrandExtract's Jonathan Fisher joins Houston Philanthropic Society Board

March 23, 2011

BrandExtract Chairman and COO Jonathan Fisher recently joined the Board of the Houston Philanthropic Society, a non-profit that serves to promote philanthropy in Houston by educating and supporting other non-profit organizations in the area.

Fisher was introduced to the Houston Philanthropic Society through his volunteer work with Houston Technology Center where he met the organization's founder Deena Carstens Munn. It was BrandExtract's experience with non-profits and expertise in branding and marketing that prompted her to invite Fisher to become a founding Board member.

"I'm honored to be a part of such an important organization that is striving to fill a void in Houston by guiding and educating non-profits," Fisher said. "This falls in line with BrandExtract's long history of supporting organizations that help to extend their knowledge to others in order to further the community."

Fisher has been a Board member and advisor for other organizations that are also affiliated with community education, including Genesys Works and Literacy Advance.

He is in good company on the Houston Philanthropic Society Board with representatives from PR Newswire, Image W3 and Archway Academy.