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Houston Business Journal looks inside BrandExtract's success

March 11, 2011

BrandExtract was featured in a recent edition of the Houston Business Journal. On the front page of its March 11 Strategies section, the newspaper covers highlights of BrandExtract's operations, from its approach to strategic analysis to the philosophy that has helped the firm rebrand clients like the Houston Technology Center.

The article traces the history of the firm from Jonathan Fisher's founding of Fisher Creative in 1994 to the creation of BrandExtract with Bo Bothe in 2005 and on through the firm's mergers with Bravo Zulu and Parker:Hayden.

One of the more telling stories features how BrandExtract employees responded when the realities of the 2009 recession began to take hold. The act demonstrated both the management's commitment to transparency and the employees' loyalty to the firm's culture.

The story is a testament to how BrandExtract maintained its solid footing by believing in its product and in its people, and how it has earned its 40th position on the Houston Business Journal's 2010 Houston Fast 100 list.

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