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BrandExtract Puts Talents to Work at Houston Community ToolBank

March 9, 2017

Doing the right thing and helping the community has been instilled in BrandExtract’s culture since its founding over 11 years ago. On March 3, 2017, the BrandExtract team spent their quarterly service day away from the office to help paint tools, assemble equipment and accomplish other maintenance updates at a local nonprofit, Houston Community Toolbank, an organization that loans tools and equipment to charities and community improvement groups.

To kick off the morning, members of our team participated in the first-ever Houston Community ToolBank corporate relay race, in which teams competed for the Golden Hammer award by painting tools, filling a tool order and answering a ToolBank trivia question. The first winners of the Golden Hammer was the team of Chris Wilks, Laura Puente and Cynthia Stipeche. The BrandExtract team then spent the rest of the morning assembling and repairing equipment, painting dozens of tools, painting a mural in the warehouse office and power washing the warehouse driveway.

The work accomplished at BrandExtract’s quarterly service day enables the Houston Community ToolBank to continue to provide high-quality resources that support hundreds of local charities in the Houston area. In 2016, the Houston Community Toolbank loaned more than $876,000 worth of tools to borrowing Member Agencies to help support their missions. They also equipped 22,394 volunteers and supported 1,434 projects in 2016.

Our quarterly service day is also an occasion to celebrate the Big Head Award, which recognizes an employee or employees, nominated by their teammates, who have exceptionally demonstrated our five core values: Do the Right Thing, Act With Heart, Step Up and Own It, Teach and Lead, and Have Grit. Congratulations to the first Big Head winner of 2017, Senior Designer, Chris Jones!

Our BrandExtract team works to improve the horse trough at Special Cheers.