Olga Hossri

Brand Manager

Olga Hossri Portrait

Team Player, World Traveler, Food Lover

Having grown up in a family passionate about art and branding, Olga gets a rush out of creating projects that delight and inspire. She tirelessly strives for efficient perfection in all her work, and finds joy in helping teams combine their diverse skills to turn great ideas into reality. As a Brand Manager, Olga’s passion drives her to refine every detail of a project, and craft truly impactful brand stories. 

No matter how challenging, nothing can top the thrill of creating a beautifully inspiring project from an idea on a paper.

Originally from Beirut, Lebanon, Olga has worked in public relations, advertising and marketing in various positions since 2009. Over the course of her career, she directed client projects for major PR and advertising agencies in both Beirut and New York, and developed a knack for keeping complex projects running smoothly.

Now a seasoned expert in brand communications, Olga coordinates all aspects of her projects with deft precision. She takes pride in being able to think on the fly and work with a variety of talented people to realize the goals of any campaign. Her love of brand building and image gives her a keen eye for detail, which informs her drive to create projects that get results.

Outside of the office, Olga spends most of her time with family and friends, exploring new restaurants and traveling to new places. When she gets a break from her mom duties, Olga also enjoys painting, going to the beach, and finding a new show to binge-watch on Netflix.


  • BA in Public Administration from the American University of Beirut
  • Certificate from NYU - Fundamentals of Global Sports Management Program