Bo Bothe

President and CEO

Bo Bothe - President and CEO - BrandExtract - Bo Bothe is President and CEO of brand experience firm, BrandExtract. Bo brings leadership, passion, and experience to brand strategy consulting.

Bo Bothe 
President and CEO

For BrandExtract co-founder Bo Bothe, imagination and perseverance play an equal part in making believers. Imagination allows companies to shed perceptions that may be blocking the path to see its true essence or purpose. Perseverance is the grit required to share that vision and get others to join in. With more than two decades as a veteran designer and entrepreneur, he channels his experience building BrandExtract and its brand into helping our various clients identify transformation opportunities and when to seize them. 

“When you create a brand promise that’s true to who you are, and you can deliver on it consistently, it elevates everyone around you. It’s our job to inspire people to believe in the impact they have and the growth they can achieve.”

Bo stresses authenticity as the driving factor behind a brand’s continued success, urging companies to focus their energy on crafting a promise that fits their unique mission, vision, values and culture. Since founding BrandExtract in 2005, he has applied this philosophy in guiding a growing number of local, regional and international rebranding efforts for the firm’s diverse client base.

Outside the office, Bo regularly volunteers his time to organizations that share his passion for doing the right thing and doing good in the community. In 2009 he helped to found CancerForward in honor of his mother, Rosemary, a two-time cancer survivor. He is also active in many other organizations, leveraging his brand-building expertise and passion for thoughtful leadership to help promote awareness and effect change. 

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