Mark McCary

SVP, Sales Programs

Mark McCary - SVP, Sales Programs | BrandExtract - Mark McCary is the SVP, Sales Programs at BrandExtract. He builds data-driven, outcome-focused sales programs designed to deliver the client's strategic goal.

Mark McCary
SVP, Sales Programs 

Mark's passion for helping sales and marketing teams achieve their potential has influenced his entire professional life. Providing solutions for sales teams is part of his DNA because Mark and his team have not only designed these programs, but have implemented them as well. 

Throughout his career, Mark has created sales and marketing frameworks, launched successful account-based marketing initiatives, improved lead nurturing as well as opportunity close rates and reduced sales cycle times. Mark has helped companies such as Siemens, 3M Company, S&P Global, Bloomberg and Thompson Reuters, as well as fast growth mid-market companies in the healthcare, manufacturing and energy sectors to help grow their sales and marketing teams.  

By developing and implementing various sales programs, his clients have achieved results like these:

  • Close rates improved by up to 40%
  • Implemented marketing programs leading to marketing contribution rate improvements from 12-30%
  • Sales cycle times that improve from between 10-30%
  • Lead to opportunity ratios improved by 20-60%

“We help sales and marketing teams work together to achieve predictable growth. Our sales programs are focused on delivering on the client's strategic goals. At the heart of it, our sales programs are built from a data-driven, outcome-focused approach.”

When not on the job, Mark is a dedicated family man who spends as much time as possible with his wife and 2 kids supporting their very active sports and Boy Scouts activities. In addition, Mark and his family are active with numerous charities and volunteer work.


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