Rose Mulroney

Sr. Brand Strategist

Rose Mulroney Portrait

Ensemble Singer, Travel Photographer, Cyclist

Thanks to a long career of managing and directing various marketing initiatives, Rose has the ability to seamlessly merge analytical thinking with creativity. Rose is a high-achiever and is determined to deliver the best brand story she can.  This makes her ideal for her role as Senior Brand Strategist.  But don't be intimidated. Rose is friendly, with a quirky sense of humor, and is always ready for a quick chat. 

"Let's tell a great story of 'WHY' what you do is so important to me."

Born in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Rose attended college at Marquette University. There she studied accounting before discovering her passion for marketing and switched majors. 

Shortly after graduation, she went to work at a marketing research firm where she found her next passion, combining creative and analytical marketing.  This inspired her to pursue her master's in graphic design at Columbia College Chicago. 

Rose has worked all across the B2B space in industries such as healthcare, technology, and even accounting. Her career has seen her fill the roles of Director of Marketing, Creative Marketing Director, and even as a founder of her own branding agency. 

Rose wants to tell compelling company stories that inspire belief in the brands' customers and excite their audiences.  She's particularly interested in helping brands explain why what they do is important.

Outside of BrandExtract, Rose's favorite pastimes include cycling around Houston, exploring restaurants, ensemble singing, and travel photography. You should ask her about her last trip to Sonoma, California. 


  • BS in Marketing, Marquette University
  • MA in Graphic Design, Columbia College Chicago
  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certificate
  • Psychology of Color Certificate
  • NLP of Communication Certificate


  • BMA Houston Member

  • AAF Houston Member