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Ana MagañaSenior Brand Manager

Ana Magaña - Ana Magaña is Senior Brand Manager at Houston brand experience firm, BrandExtract. She's an expert in consumer research, brand strategy and project management. Learn more about her client experience here.

Ana Magana - Senior Brand Manager | BrandExtract

Ana Magana
Senior Brand Manager

With over 10 years of experience, Ana Magaña arrived at BrandExtract from one of Houston’s largest advertising agencies. Her expertise in consumer research, brand strategy and project management has benefited a diverse portfolio of clients, including Chrysler, Samsung, Verizon, Community Coffee, Dannon, United Airlines and

“I believe actionable insights often come from understanding what makes people different. I’m driven to understand consumers emotional and rational behaviors to help brands communicate with them effectively.”

Ana is known for her innate sense of curiosity and desire to dive into consumer research. She has a strong passion for understanding why people make the decisions they do and studying behavioral evolution. Determined and persistent, Ana gets things done – no matter what.

Outside of the office, Ana enjoys exploring new places, visiting natural parks and binging new series on Netflix.

  • BA in Communications - Advertising, University of Houston 
Primary Area of Focus
  • Account Management 

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