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Daren GuilloryCreative Director

Daren Guillory – Creative Director | BrandExtract - Daren Guillory is a Creative Director with BrandExtract. Read more about his professional career in the creative realm.
Daren Guillory - Creative Director

Daren Guillory
Creative Director

Across a decorated and rewarding career Daren has excelled as a designer, illustrator and an entrepreneur. In his latest role as BrandExtract’s Creative Director, Daren draws upon his diverse experience to breathe life into ideas. He believes good thinking and good design are good for business, and the clients he’s served over the past two decades will testify.

“What makes people believe in data-driven design and branding is seeing results. Once the research is completed, the work is created and the brand is clearly communicated to the audience – the results start pouring in. That’s when believers are born.”

Daren’s own ideas have manifested in the form of brand identities, print and editorial work, websites, industrial and environmental design, illustration, UI/UX and more. He is quick to see the big picture in any project or engagement and his input is invaluable from concept to completion. He also has a gift for inspiring, encouraging and motivating those around him.

Daren is a family-first kind of guy. When he’s not focused on our clients’ brands, he and his wife capitalize on every opportunity to be present in the moment in their kids' lives. He is co-owner and creative director of TDon’s Cajun Goods, a joint venture with his father, who has a passion for creating high-quality spice rubs with all natural ingredients. You should try some.

Daren is also co-owner and creative director of White Nuckle Sports, a company devoted to providing professional-quality baseball training equipment to young athletes at an affordable price. Some of the bespoke wood bats are crafted by his own hands.

  • BFA in Graphic Communications, University of Houston
Primary Area of Focus
  • Creative Direction, Visual Design
  • AIGA Houston
  • SEGD

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