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Greg Weir | VP, Digital Marketing/Analytics | BrandExtract - Greg Weir is VP of Digital Marketing at brand experience firm, BrandExtract. Learn about the expertise Greg provides in online marketing strategy and analytics.


Greg Weir - VP, Digital Marketing/Analytics - BrandExtract

Greg Weir
Partner, Vice President, Digital Marketing and Analytics

Greg oversees BrandExtract’s online marketing and analytics programs. And it’s hard to imagine anyone more appropriate for that role. Few people in the ad/marketing communications/branding universe can claim as diverse and comprehensive a background. At different times he’s excelled as a Senior Art Director (GSD&M), Creative Director (Fellers & Gaddis) and General Manager (PDI, a digital production subsidiary of BRSG), Director of Web Development (Tenagra) Senior Project Manager (Idea.Com), VP/COO (Bravo Zulu).

A natural creative, early on, Greg developed an intimate understanding about how ink takes to paper. But he never could ignore his fascination with technology. Since the Internet arrived and inevitably took center stage for anyone’s marcom efforts, Greg has run stride-for-stride with the hyper-evolution of online marketing.

“Back in the day, we had print, TV, radio and outdoor,” he says. “Now there are so many channels to keep track of, so many mediums. But in the end, the game is the same. You've got to be where people are looking, and then be persuasive. Get somebody to do something, to buy something, to show up.”

“Digital has made marketing more complex than it was just 10 years ago, but the main principles haven’t really changed. It’s still all about eyeballs, perception and persuasion.”

Greg is most proud of BrandExtract’s do-the-right-thing ethos that affects everything from client engagements to community work to employee quality of life. When Greg’s not at work, he…well…actually, he’s almost never not at work. A big part of his spare time is spent keeping up with the many ways technology continues to affect marketing. Who would’ve thought?

  • BA of Fine Arts, University of Houston
Primary Area of Focus
  • Online Marketing and Analytics
  • HIMA – Houston Interactive Marketing Association
  • AMA – American Marketing Association
  • BMA – Business Marketing Association

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