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Jared HaubeMarketing Copywriter

Jared Haube - Marketing Copywriter - Jared Haube is a Marketing Copywriter with brand experience firm, BrandExtract. Beyond Copywriting, Jared also focuses on content strategy and development.
Jared Haube - Marketing Copywriter

Jared Haube
Marketing Copywriter

As our marketing copywriter, Jared helps clients deliver important, tailored messages to their customers. He believes in crafting compelling content that provides real and consistent value to people. As an American who hasn’t lived in the states until about a year ago, Jared brings international experience to BrandExtract. He was raised in Bangkok, Thailand, then moved to Melbourne, Australia, where he attended University and then worked as a digital content manager at an international conference company.

“In business the hero of any story is the customer. I believe the purpose of content—compelling content—offers value to the customer's audiences, helping those people in their own journeys.”

Jared has a list of talents as long as a flight from Melbourne to Houston. He masterfully develops content strategies, web copy, editorial calendars, as well as multimedia and video content. But first and foremost, Jared is a storyteller, and enjoys imparting the tales of people, companies and technology in a variety of industries.

Aware of how fast the marketing world changes, Jared constantly refines and expands his skills in copywriting, content strategy and development. Outside the office, he is a keen distance runner and a student of languages (namely Spanish, German and Thai). He is also eager to explore the art scene Houston offers by way of museums, cultural centers and community hubs.

  • Bachelor of Professional Communication, RMIT University
  • Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing, RMIT University
Primary Area of Focus
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Member, AMA Houston
  • HubSpot Content Marketing 
  • HubSpot Inbound 
  • HubSpot Email Marketing 
Hails From
  • Sydney, Australia

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