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Leigh Anne BishopDigital Project Manager

Leigh Anne Bishop - Digital Project Manager - BrandExtract - Leigh Anne Bishop is a Digital Project Manager with BrandExtract. She specializes in creative services management as well as website and broadcast production. Learn more about Leigh Anne here.
Leigh Anne Bishop - Digital Project Manager - BrandExtract

Leigh Anne Bishop
Digital Project Manager

Leigh Anne brings over 20 years of agency experience in creative services management and broadcast production to the BrandExtract team. She has produced television, radio and print campaigns ranging from smaller pro-bono spots to multi-million dollar global campaigns for major corporations such as Shell and Exxon. Her background in project planning processes, including resources and relationship management, keeps our interactive and website projects charging towards completion.

“I look for the strength. Weaknesses are too time-consuming. Tell me what you can do and I’ll put it next to another can do and - HOLY COW - we’ve baked a lovely digital cake.”

We treasure Leigh Anne’s dedication, endurance and positive attitude under pressure. Her vast creative experience and penchant for coordinating teams makes her an ideal project manager and collaborative partner. Leigh Anne’s talent for breaking down complex projects into detailed, execution-able plans allows our team to deliver state-of-the-art interactive experiences.

Leigh Anne knew she was born to be a project manager ever since she received the “Best Helper” award for organizing markers and paste in the second grade. If she weren’t a project manager, Leigh Anne would still be unable to abandon her ways and would run her own business as a professional closet organizer.

  • BA in Humanities and BS in Broadcast Production Management, University of Colorado Boulder
Primary Area of Focus
  • Digital Project Management
  • Broadcast Production
  • Bureau of Digital
  • Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council, Co-Troop Leader

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