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Margo Lunsford | Art Director | BrandExtract - Meet BrandExtract's Art Director, Margo Lunsford. Margo comes from an artistic background with years of experience in the digital design space.


Margo Lunsford - Art Director - BrandExtract

Margo Lunsford 
Art Director 

As BrandExtract's Art Director, Margo is in charge of coordinating and curating our visual strategies. With a strong background in art and graphic design, Margo oversees conceptual design and ensures brands' visual identities properly represent companies' core values. 

“ I believe you need to love the process more than the results. If you can let go of focusing on the results, and instead think of the collaboration and process, good results will follow.  ”

Originally from Orlando, Florida, Margo jumped around the east coast studying art and art history before landing in Texas. She attended the Houston Art Institute where she got her bachleor's in graphic design. Margo has had a great career working as a graphic artist and art director for such companies as Baker Hughes and Softway. Her skills cover web design, 3D modeling, broadcast, story boarding, and more! 

When Margo isn't at the office she enjoys reading mystery and non-fiction books, as well as being outdoors with her hubsand and yorkie dogs. Margo also keeps up her artistic skills by painting in her spare time. 

  • BA Graphic Design, Houston Art Institute 
Primary Areas of Focus
  • Graphic Design
  • Art Direction
  • Conceptual Design
  • The One Club/Art Director's Club
Awards and Accolades
  • Memorial Hermann, The Woodlands, Canopy Surivorship Center
    AAF 2016 - Gold
  • Adcetera, Rememberances of Pumpkins Past
    AAF 2015 -  Gold,  Special Judge Award for Craftsmanship, Appleton Coated U360 Award, Print Excellence Award 
  •  Adcetera, Rememberances of Pumpkins Past
    AAF 2015 - National Silver 

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