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FW Cook

Discover how we differentiated FW Cook from their competitors by creating a value chain°

FW Cook, a leading compensation consulting firm, serves 26% of S&P 500 Board Engagements and 22% of Fortune 1000 Board Engagement. Despite their strong market share, FW Cook still did not have prominent name recognition outside their existing client base and was not externally differentiated from their competitors. Their brand had not been updated since the company’s inception, and both employees and clients knew the company by different versions of the name. Through our brand assessment, BrandExtract discovered that clients and prospects were not fully aware of their breadth of service offerings and could not readily recall their brand.

BrandExtract helped differentiate FW Cook by developing a strong brand, standardizing the company name, articulating their service offerings and creating consistent presentation and publication tools. Discover how we displayed FW Cook's wisdom and candor through one cohesive brand.

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As part of our brand assessment process, we talked to clients and employees to identify FW Cook’s true strengths and areas where they could improve. With this feedback, we helped refine the messaging to accurately articulate the thoughtful approach and true value FW Cook provides. We worked collaboratively with the FW Cook team to create an elegant brand that captures the company’s voice and reflects their sophisticated approach. As part of that brand, we helped define their service offerings as they relate to different audiences and standardize the company name to accurately portray who they are today.

FW Cook’s new brand and standardized name were then portrayed in their digital presence, which reinforces their thought leadership and represents the service approach and offerings that make them industry leaders. By clearly identifying each of FW Cook’s services, they are now more visible and able to address the needs of their management, board, and third party referrers on the newly designed website. To showcase their wide range of publications, we developed a robust online resources center enabling site visitors to easily locate the articles that are relevant to their needs. The new brand influenced the overall user experience and content strategy of the website to communicate the value FW Cook provides their clients.

“FW Cook is a stellar company and they deserve a thoughtful brand that truly communicates who they are and what they provide. We worked collaboratively with them to discover and create a presence that will distinguish them for years to come.”

— Leslie Rainwater 
Brand Strategist, BrandExtract


The FW Cook brand fully characterizes their leading market position and communicates the value they provide to boards and management teams. Their new website reinforces their thought leadership position while providing deep insight into their services for their varied audiences and clearly expressing the unique approach that differentiates them from their competitors. Consultants have a standard set of tools that readily distinguish their presentations and publications in the boardroom. The new FW Cook website was built in BrandExtract’s Web Content Management System, SAM (Site Authoring and Maintenance), which allows FW Cook to make adjustments and updates to their site with ease.