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FW Cook

Discover How We Created a Value Chain that Differentiated FW Cook from its Competitors°


Despite strong market share, FW Cook did not have prominent name recognition outside its existing client base. As a result, prospects and employees were not aware of the breadth of its service offerings, and clients struggled with differentiating it from competitors.

The firm was at a critical crossroads with many of its top-tier consultants approaching retirement, no purposeful way to provide exposure to the next tier, and an uncertain plan for business growth.

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What We Did

  • Increased brand recognition
  • Reinforced the brand as a thought leader
  • Differentiated the brand from its competitors
  • Revamped their website

How We Did It

  • Performed a 360° brand assessment
  • Clarified service offerings
  • Aligned messaging to communicate their value proposition
  • Standardized the company name and publication tools
  • FW Cook Website on electronic devices
  • Ad message
  • FW Cook different pages of its site on three computers
  • Comparison with competitors
  • Sunrise in a city


FW Cook was already a leader in the marketplace, but its brand had not been updated since the company’s inception. Because of that, both employees and clients knew the company by different versions of the name.

After an in-depth brand assessment, our team also discovered that clients, prospects and employees were not fully aware of the breadth of its service offerings.

FW Cook’s website and other communication tools did not reflect the brand’s image. As a result, it had low visibility, wasn’t easily differentiated from its competitors and clients could not readily recall the brand.

The company needed a unique strategic brand position that distinguished it and modernized communication tools to convey its value to prospects and clients.


Increase Brand Name Recognition

We worked with the FW Cook team to create a brand that captures the company’s unique approach. The brand positioning, “Foresight Wins,” was built around its half a century track record for making its clients’ futures clearer, and its ability to solve immediate problems with the immediate wisdom to carry them onward – foresight.

Communicate Value Proposition to Primary Target Audiences

We created consistent presentation and publication tools so the new brand communicated the true and unique value that FW Cook provides to its clients. We also defined its service offerings and standardized the company name to help improve recruitment efforts.

Achieve Higher Online Visibility in the Marketplace

The renewed brand was portrayed in its website, reinforcing thought leadership and representing the service approach that makes FW Cook an industry leader. We also elevated the visibility of bench consultants to expand the perception of capacity, and increase bench retention.


The new FW Cook brand fully characterizes its leading market position and communicates the value it provides to boards and management teams. FW Cook’s new website reinforces its thought leadership position and provides deep insight into its services for its various audiences.

It also clearly expresses the unique approach that differentiates the company from its competitors. Its consultants now have a standard set of tools that distinguish their presentations and publications in the boardroom.

“FW Cook is a stellar company and they deserve a thoughtful brand that truly communicates who they are and what they provide. We worked collaboratively with them to discover and create a presence that will distinguish them for years to come.”

— Leslie Rainwater 
Brand Strategist, BrandExtract

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