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Read how we extended the customer sales lifecycle by rebranding the company and restructuring service offerings.°

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Since 1998, the multidisciplinary team of professionals at NUTECH has analyzed logs of nearly every prospective and producing oil basin in the world. Through the leadership of founder Allen Howard, NUTECH played a critical role in unlocking the potential of the now famous Eagle Ford Shale. And as Mr. Howard predicted, unconventional production hasn’t proven anywhere near as profitable as it could be.

NUTECH engaged BrandExtract to help analyze the market, assess its brand and refine its messaging to determine how to help E&P companies understand that investing in intelligence can improve profitability from acquisition to divestiture.

What We Did

  • Strategically repositioned brand
  • Developed strategic messaging
  • Introduced a new service concept that redefines part of the industry
  • Identified ways to enhance the internal structure to support the new service approach

How We Did It

  • Conducted in-depth brand audit
  • Worked with leadership team to define life cycle services and identify new market opportunity
  • Refreshed brand image
  • Refined customer messaging and framework

The Challenge

The unconventional energy market was exploding, but NUTECH’s expertise was being overlooked. Higher energy prices, new rig technologies and improvements in hydraulic fracturing had sparked a boom in once-impossible shale formations. Unfortunately, often swept away in the fervor were critical things like petrophysical analysis, completion engineering and common sense.

NUTECH turns to BrandExtract to adjust industry perceptions

It’s not that the prize isn’t there, or even that shale plays aren’t worth the effort. But they aren’t profitable if you don’t understand the science: the rock properties, appropriate well delineation, specific fracturing technologies and techniques that NUTECH provides.

The Solution

The engagement began with a full brand assessment, which revealed opportunities for broader, big picture relationships between NUTECH and its customers. We helped the company shift from being an underutilized service provider into a more profitabale, consultative role, positioning their intelligence and vision as key offerings.

Messaging that raises the stakes

NUTECH provides specific services like petrophysics studies and 3D mapping. But it's much more than that. We helped the company define who they are and developed market -changing terminology to communicate that value. Today, NUTECH is the world’s leading purveyor of “Reservoir Intelligence” to the exploration and production community.

The Life Cycle, Gold Field and the power of Reservoir Intelligence

In both the new sales materials and website we built for them, we’re helping NUTECH express the message that it helps customers determine precisely where they are in the life cycle process, and then consult with them to make profitable decisions throughout the life cycle of the asset.

Based on our research, we helped map NUTECH’s biggest impact points in the life cycle process. This led us to coin and define the term, “Gold Field.” This is the rich, highly desired stage of a field’s life cycle, in between the more commonly known, untapped Green Field and played out Brown Field.

The Impact

Seeing the potential almost immediately, the NUTECH team embraced the new brand and began talking about themselves and their expertise in a whole new way. The company even began adjusting internal structures, processes and pricing to align with the vision.

To date, BrandExtract’s work for NUTECH has included a brand position, solution definition and strategic messaging, a new identity package, website, video, print ads, collateral materials, trade show booths and sales training. 

“The new brand really illuminates what it is we do and communicates how we help clients get more hydrocarbons out of the ground and more value out of their E&P investments. BrandExtract helped us develop a language and a process for selling our expertise to a broader E&P universe.”

— Will Deaton
V.P. Client Services, NUTECH