1. Our mission is to build brands that Inspire Belief.

    To do that, we need to be inspired, too. We constantly seek out wonders in the world around us. And we like to share. So let’s get this road trip around the sun kicked off right. Here’s some inspiration to lift you up and carry you through the year.

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  2. Stephanie Scheer
    Stephanie Scheer
    Reading takes me to another world and helps me see things from a different perspective; it helps me continue to grow and stay inspired.
  3. Cynthia Stipeche
    Cynthia Stipeche
    A few things that help keep me inspired are drawing on a regular basis, forest bathing (i.e. walking in a wooded area), visiting the collections at the Museum of Fine Arts, watching runway shows, and learning how to cook/bake new things.
  4. Krista Schroen
    Krista Schroen
    Reading professional blogs and books inspires me.
  5. Eleanor Shanks
    Eleanor Shanks
    Taking UX training courses inspires me and gets my brain percolating.
  6. Laura Ehrlich
    Laura Ehrlich
    Running, binge watching a favorite show, and watching a horror movie marathon are a few things that help me stay inspired in my down time.
  7. Jonathan Fisher
    Jonathan Fisher
    Volunteering and learning from others helps me stay inspired.
  8. Tia Johnson
    Tia Johnson
    Indoor gardening, curating a great space, and listening to music are a few things that keep me inspired.
  9. Son Tran-Nguyen
    Son Tran-Nguyen
    Ted Lasso is a TV show that inspires me.
  10. David Lerch
    David Lerch
    My go-to song for inspiration changes everyday. I'm currently playing anything from Radiohead.
  11. Garrett Hogue
    Garrett Hogue
    Creating work that I know speaks to myself and others inspires me indefinitely.






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