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Favorite Brands by Political Party. Almost Make Perfect Stereotypical Sense.
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Published by Mark Hayden on December 6th, 2011

Is it really this simple?

YouGov BrandIndex released its annual study on the most popular brands by political affiliation and the results really do make sense if you think it through. Just try not to think too hard.

According to Advertising Age, the lists are generated using “Scores, which can range from -100 to 100, calculated by subtracting negative feedback from positive feedback, according to YouGov BrandIndex. A score of zero would mean equal positive and negative feedback. Top-line scores reflect an average of sub-scores measuring quality, value, satisfaction, general impression, reputation and willingness to recommend. YouGov BrandIndex said it interviews 5,000 people each weekday, drawing from an online panel that’s representative of the U.S. population, on more than 1,100 brands.”

I copied and pasted that from the article because, well, I couldn’t have written it any better.

So let’s really look at these lists and see what they tell us–starting with the Democrats.

Infamous for their open-mindedness, Google (#1) as a top choice would’ve been an easy guess (I wonder how many said “I’m feeling lucky”?). Amazon was second because, as Republicans claim, where else are you going to get all your books on Socialism and Marxism? You certainly wouldn’t want to be seen in a bookstore. Discovery Channel (#3) could be where all the post-graduate and PhD’s stay sharp on the latest…uh… discoveries. Either that or they’re addicted to Shark Week like everyone else. I’m scratching my head onSony (#4). They must have interviewed a bunch of PlayStation addicts since they’re typically home not doing anything else. Johnson & Johnson rounds out the top five. It’s nice to know that Democrats are staying healthy and they like soap despite what you’ve seen at Hippie Hollow near Austin.

Top brands by political affiliation. See? It all makes sense.

Republicans tell a different story with their choices. Fox News Channel and Fox are number one and two respectively. It wasn’t enough to put Fox on the list once; Republicans had to enter it twice. As separate brands. Proving beyond a reasonable doubt that Republicans just can’t get enough of Fox (then they realize that Glee is on that channel, then they watch it anyway. Secretly. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.). The History Channel (#3) could prove what Democrats have always suspected: Republicans are stuck on (or in) the past … hopefully learning something.

Craftsman is number four on the Republican list. Because in our house, if you want something fixed, you call a Republican. If you want to write the Pulitzer-Price winning article about how you fixed it, call a Democrat. I was relieved to see that Johnson & Johnson (#5) was on the Republican list too. When the great Red-State-Blue-State political divide is finally reconciled, it’ll be nice to know that everyone will be well-medicated and have showered first before the Big Hug.

I found it an interesting juxtaposition that both M&M’s (#10) and Clorox (#8) were on the Republican’s list. Considering one is infamous for its many colors while the other is used to turn everything white. It’s okay though, Clorox is on the Democrat’s list (#10) too. Keeping things white isn’t as important to Democrats as it is to Republicans apparently. Skittlesshould’ve made the Democrat’s list at least to balance it out. Instead, they opted for Levi’s(#9). That makes sense. When you’re in line to vote, just look at the legs peeking underneath the black curtain. Levi’s: Democrat. Dockers: Republican. But Dockers wasn’t on the Republican list. Clearly they’re not as fashion-conscious.

The list for the Independents also gives us some interesting insight. Indie’s first consider the past (#1 History Channel), seek new thinking (#2 Discovery Channel), Google (#3) endlessly for other perspectives, measure twice (#4 Craftsman), cut once (#9 Lowe’s ) ..if they ever actually get around to cutting; and sit down with a good book when it’s all done (#5 Amazon). Not sure when they have time to plant and harvest (#10 John Deere), but at least they wash up (#6 Johnson & Johnson, #8 Clorox) before joining their Republican and Democrat friends for a good breakfast (#7 Cheerios).

Like Apple, Ford was absent from the list.

To be honest, I don’t give this list much credence. Apple was conspicuously absent. It should have been at least number one or two on either side of Google on the Democrat list. iPhones, iPads and iPods aside, I’ve seen more white Apple logos next to the rainbow decals and NPR bumper stickers on the back windows of Subarus than I have Sony logos. I would expect to see a Sony mark on the back of a Chevy truck next to the NRA sticker with the Calvin cartoon relieving himself on a Ford logo.

Speaking of which, where was Ford on the list? I saw so many Republican stickers on F150s during the 2008 election, that I thought it was a Special Edition much like the King Ranch: a truck with large, hidden compartments to keep loads of cash, a gun rack with an assortment of rifles, custom leather seats made from animals that you, the owner, kill, and, of course, the vehicle would make only right turns.

By now, you should have seen that last one coming.

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