Emily Coalson

Senior Digital Project Manager

Emily Coalson Portrait

Crafty Creator, Prolific PM, Traveling Foodie

When getting started on a new project, there’s nothing Emily loves more than the thrill of creative momentum picking up speed. Bringing innovative minds together to solve tricky problems is a passion of hers, and her own ingenuity adds the perfect spark to get great ideas flowing in any brainstorming session.

I believe that authenticity in ourselves and our brands can cultivate profound insights, bolster confidence and achieve clarity in results.

Emily brings over 20 years of experience in marketing and website production. Her career has spanned numerous industries, from managing Tony Award-winning theater productions in San Francisco to coordinating digital media launches and campaigns in Austin. Through it all, she’s excelled in keeping teams focused and organized, providing them with all the tools they need to create outstanding results.

With an infectious enthusiasm for pushing boundaries, Emily inspires her team to look beyond the obvious and to embrace challenges with gusto. This skill for pushing projects forward with positive energy is an asset that empowers her team to contribute unique perspectives and ideas.

Emily treasures the BrandExtract culture that encourages curiosity and demands cohesive cooperation. She appreciates the way every team member adds a unique piece to the puzzle, and how everyone is willing to step up to challenges that come their way. 

Emily is based in Austin and loves to travel. She lived in San Francisco for over 12 years and recently spent several months traveling along the Pacific Northwest coast, and is always looking for her next destination for new experiences or foods. She also enjoys a good hike, painting, live music, and spending time with her cat, Beatrix, and her husband, John.


  • B.S. in Advertising, Media Sequence - University of Texas at Austin
  • Graphic Design Certification - University of Texas at Austin
  • Digital Marketing Nanodegree - Udacity