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Branding Case Studies°

How do our brands inspire belief? We dissect a company's operations from every angle, identifying gaps and connecting the dots to create opportunities, transform businesses and grow our clients' presence and influence.

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Interested in rebranding examples? Looking for work in a particular industry? Use our filters to sort our work by type or industry and find branding examples related to your needs. Don't see exactly what you need? Don't worry. There are many more success stories we can share.

ABS Group - BrandExtract Develops New Website for ABS Group

ABS GroupDiscover How a New Digital Experience Helped Recast ABS Group’s Global Position and Tripled Leads°

Anadarko - Anadarko Website Case Study | BrandExtract

AnadarkoLearn How Client and Recruitment Engagement Grew with Improved Digital User Experience°

Antelope - Antelope Oil Tool Branding Case Study - BrandExtract

Antelope Oil ToolLearn how a new brand positioned this oil tools provider to penetrate new markets.

Ascende - Branding Development for the Energy Industry - Ascende

AscendeExplore How a Rebrand Helped a Human Capital Brand Navigate Uncertainty in the Energy Industry°

Black Stone Minerals - Black Stone Minerals Branding Case Study | BrandExtract

Black Stone MineralsCreating a cohesive brand to convey greater value to investors.

BodyBilt - BodyBilt Case Study | BrandExtract

BodyBiltSee How We Unified Two Brands to Recharge a Leader in Ergonomics°

BoyarMiller - Law Firm Rebrand Case Study: BoyarMiller - BrandExtract

BoyarMillerLearn How Focusing on Values Differentiated a Law Firm From Its Competitors°

C&I Engineering - B2B Branding Case Study: C&I Engineering

C&I EngineeringSee How a Rebrand Energized an Engineering Firm’s Competitive Edge°

Chemstations - Engineering Branding Case Study - Read Chemstations' Story

ChemstationsSee How a Rebrand Generated Significantly More Leads for a Software Company°

CompleteRx - CompleteRx - A Brand & Marketing Example for Healthcare

CompleteRxLearn How We Reduced Customer Attrition, Redefined Services and Repositioned a Brand°

DistributionNOW - DistributionNOW Brand Development Story

DistributionNOWLearn how we developed a new brand to efficiently deploy a global spin out°

ECC - ECC Case Study | BrandExtract

ECC AssociationDiscover How a New Perspective Helped Engage and Reinforce the Value of ECC°

Employer Flexible - Branding & Digital Marketing Work for Employer Flexible

Employer FlexibleLearn How We Restructured Services and Repositioned this Company to Drive Sales and Differentiation°

FW Cook - FW Cook Case Study | BrandExtract

FW CookDiscover How We Created a Value Chain that Differentiated FW Cook from its Competitors°

GSE Environmental - GSE Environmental - Manufacturing Brand Development

GSE EnvironmentalSee how rebranding a manufacturer's global business drove customer engagement.

Marathon Oil - The Impact of Rebranding a Company - Marathon Oil Case Study

Marathon OilDriving transformation for a newly independent global energy company.

Marine Military Academy - Branding Strategy & Development for Marine Military Academy

Marine Military AcademyRead How a Rebrand Turned Around Leads and Enrollment for this School°

Millar - Millar - Medical Technology Rebrand Strategy

MillarDiscover How a Modern Rebrand Generated Global Product Sales°

Murphy Oil/Murphy USA - Branding Development Strategy Case Study - Murphy Oil Corp.

Murphy USARead how we positioned two brands – one upstream, one downstream – for growth.

NUTECH - Rebranding Case Study: NUTECH Energy

NUTECHRead How We Extended the Customer Sales Life Cycle by Rebranding the Company and Restructuring Service Offerings°

San Jacinto Museum of History - Digital Brand Strategy Case Study - San Jacinto Museum of History

San Jacinto Museum of HistorySee how a new digital experience inspires fresh user engagement.

Simmons - Simmons - Brand Management, Marketing for an Energy Leader

SimmonsDiscover how we repositioned a dated brand for new global market recognition.

Transocean - Transocean Rebrand Case Study | BrandExtract

TransoceanRead How a Powerful Performance Story was Manifested a Boundless Brand°

Varel - Manufacturing Rebrand Case Study - BrandExtract

VarelSee How We Turned Around a Manufacturer's Reputation and Gained Market Share°


Positioned as we are in the Energy capital of the world, we have a long and intimate relationship with oil and gas companies, as well as the businesses that serve them.

Over the past decade, we've worked up, down and across all industry verticals with clients such as Chevron, Marathon, Varel, Spectra Energy, NRG eVgo, Energes Oilfield Solutions, NUTECH and Murphy. With the widening experience gap and rapidly exiting workforce as a top concern for many energy clients, we've also helped assess and implement new recruiting programs to attract and retain talent.

Learn how the development and implementation of brand standards, rewards programs and sales processes are helping identify rich new sweet spots in which to find believers.

Professional Services

Our experience with professional services brands spans many years and industries, including legal, financial, accounting, consulting and human resources.

Over the past decade, we have raised the profile for professional services brands such as Norton Rose Fulbright, Nathan Sommers Jacobs, Ascende, Susman Godfrey, Malone Bailey, Employer Flexible, PPCLOAN and Simmons.

See how a fresh brand experience can pay big dividends.


We help clients figure out how to communicate the benefits of complex technology in an ingenuously simple way. Whether we're giving the innovators a fresh face, or redefining the playing field for the innovation, we help those developing new technologies to make believers and motivate them to buy it.

We've captured ROI and uncovered new opportunities for smart technology companies such as Empact IT, The Weston Group, Chemstations and Techcess.

Learn how a fresh identity, bold positioning and deliberate messaging significantly raise the stakes.


Our Healthcare clients do extraordinary things, like develop life-saving cardiovascular devices and transform hospital pharmacies from underperforming financial liabilities into highly efficient profit centers.

They also face extraordinary challenges, including an increasingly complex regulatory environment and rapidly changing technology demands. Particularly in large cities such as Houston, healthcare brands must also effectively communicate across cultures and languages to reach their full audience.

Our strategic insight empowers clients such as Millar, Teen Savers, Texas Children's Hospital, CompleteRx, Houston Methodist, Applied Diagnostics and Women's Radiology.

Learn how revitalized brands excite believers inside and outside a company.


Large, global distribution companies are usually the product of mergers and acquisitions, often formed over several decades or more, presenting complex brand integration challenges. Shifting market conditions, including changing technology and increased globalization, make recruiting and retaining qualified talent another key challenge for our distribution clients.

We guide companies in shaping their message to the audiences they serve to make new Oil & Gas, Industrial or Commercial Industry believers. Some of our distribution clients include Distribution International, Data Projections, DistributionNOW, Advantage Fixtures, PAC and Truespec.

See how our work helps drive them forward.


From primary to college prep to graduate programs, our educational expertise is as diverse as the student populations at the institutions we've served. Our branded campaigns have helped launch new schools as well as connect old institutions to potential new markets of believers.

Educational institutions require a multi-front marketing approach to attract skilled faculty members, woo potential students and prove quality and caliber to parents. We have helped boost the brands for institutions such as Rice University, The Branch School, Principia, Marine Military Academy, Genesys Works and Christo Rey Jesuit.

Discover how we're advocating for students and educators.


In this arena, laser-sharp minds produce brilliant software and game-changing processes. Assuming someone knows about it. We help our clients put a human face on the genius they produce for their refinery, chemical or pipeline clients, in order to generate more bona fide interest and turn queries into sales.

We've worked alongside engineering clients such as Chemstations, C&I Engineering and GTC Technologies. See how we transform complex offerings and areas of expertise into personable brands with reputations for genius.

Financial Services

Experience, as in a long track record of success and security, is what people want from their financial institution. It's also what such an institution wants from its brand experience firm, particularly if they seek to evolve their identity without diluting brand equity. That's why smart financial companies believe in BrandExtract. See how a fresh brand experience can pay big dividends.


Non-profit work is a special category, because the payoff is in the process. For starters, we know we can do inspired, creative work. But even more important, we believe the work will inspire others.

We are proud to work with organizations such as CancerForward, Houston Toolbank, Houston Technology Center, Inter-Faith Group and San Jacinto Museum of History. See how engaging and entertaining experiences elevate the ways in which our partners serve the community.


BrandExtract helps manufacturers define their key strengths and communicate with customers in a way that builds bonds and creates conversations. Those conversations turn into valuable opportunities to cultivate a base of passionate customers and believers.

With the right corporate positioning, strategic planning, brand messaging and stand-out design, a manufacturer’s customers see past price and focus on the superior product and service. Over the years, we have guided manufacturing clients such as TEAM Oil Tools, Uson, Millar, Varel International, Geoforce, Chancellor Oil Tool, GSE Environmental and Antelope.

Learn how strategic repositioning helped these companies grow.