Start and maintain the two-way conversation with your customers and stakeholders. The BrandExtract Marketing practice creates a fresh, compelling campaign for you that will have everyone talking.

Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing campaigns, there’s no such thing as an overnight success. Through market research, digital visibility assessments, website usability evaluations, brand equity models, and other means, we put in the comprehensive work of determining the proper content, channels and systems that will best reach and engage all your audiences. These are the core elements of our Marketing Strategy services:

  • Research, assessments and analytics
  • Marketing and communications plans
  • Product and services strategy
  • Management and reporting dashboards

Marketing Implementation

We serve as your front line in the execution of a marketing program, working from the inside out to capture hearts and minds. We deploy the materials that help you gain a strong customer base built on confidence in your brand and fascination with your message. Across all forms of marketing and communications, we build and manage ongoing programs, like:

  • External communications: From advertising to guerrilla marketing, personal to virtual, our accomplished marketers are jacks of all media who get your message out and make it stick.
    • Digital experiences, websites and microsites.
    • Demand generation programs
    • Advertising programs
    • Publicity, social media and content marketing
    • Experiential marketing
  • Account-based marketing: We are skilled at customizing approaches to specific, high-value accounts, and we can introduce you to this burgeoning marketing style.
    • Large account marketing (LAM)
    • Customer life-cycle marketing (CLM)
    • Industry-based marketing
    • Named-based marketing
  • Internal communications: Through consistent in-house messaging and communications programs, you help ensure the people you’re asking to make believers for you are all working together toward the same goals.
    • Employee engagement programs
    • Mission, Vision, Values workshops
    • HR and recruiting programs
    • Intranet development
    • Brand and product launch initiatives 

Getting the best results from Account Based Marketing requires substantial preparation and re-orientation of how you think about the sales and marketing process. We provide the perspective and expertise from having done this before.