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Navigate Your Brand Strategy Through a Changing Economy

Even during a time of change, your brand needs to perform. Learn how you can manage your business to remain true to your brand through every economic phase.

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Branding Insight Articles

Ranking in Google: How to Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Google is prioritizing websites in search rankings that are optimized for mobile devices. Find out how to ensure your site is mobile-friendly and meets user and search engine needs at the same time.

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Measuring the Financial Impact of Your Product or Service

Financial impact analysis (FIAs) models play a crucial role in your ability to demonstrate the worth of your product or service and more. Learn how FIAs can drive business performance for you and your buyers.

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How Do You Map the Value Chain?

Discover how to map your value chain and surface important business insight with our high-level framework. From setting up the project team to documenting the delivery cycle, we cover essential steps that can help you deliver on your brand promise.

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Accessible Websites are Good Websites

Roughly one-in-eight people in the U.S. have a disability. Failure to accommodate such a large audience limits the positive impact a website can have on your business. Learn how you can make your websites accessible to everyone.

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Solving for B° Podcast Episodes

A Flag Representing the EU's General Data Protection Regulation
GDPR: What U.S. Companies Need to Know

How does the GDPR affect companies in the U.S.? Our experts discuss what American businesses need to consider in preparation for this legislation, how to prepare, and how to remain compliant.

Student-athlete deciding between a stack of books and a soccer ball.
Brand Case Study: The NCAA

What are the challenges facing the NCAA? Are they fulfilling their stated purpose? Listen to this podcast to learn why the NCAA's perception may not be an accurate depiction of who they really are.

Computer image imploring a user to do more with their brand.
Branding for a Cause

In this episode our experts talk about the ins-and-outs of cause branding and what to consider when you're choosing the causes with which to align your brand.

Overhead view of a desk with papers and coffee and a laptop
Understanding Brand Insulation

Dr. Vikas Mittal deconstructs the concept of brand insulation by examining how to create a brand that inspires loyalty and offers examples of highly insulated brands.


Resources & Presentations

Industry Turbulence

Lean Marketing Strategies

Whether you're facing unstable market conditions, budget cuts or layoffs, discover how to create value and secure your role with lean marketing strategies.

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LinkedIn Tips to Market Your Personal Brand and Business

Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to generate meaningful results for your business. Get more visibility and expand your professional network.

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Get More Work: How to Build a Partnership With an Agency

Learn how to get noticed and get hired as a subcontractor with a branding, marketing or advertising agency. We share our tips for earning more work.

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The Impact of Mindset on Our Work and Culture

Learn how mindset impacts our work and company culture. Read takeaways from our office’s discussion of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck.

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