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What We Do°

Building and growing your brand is part art and a lot science. We immerse ourselves in the hard and soft data of your world, then use what we learn to express and grow your presence and influence.

How we do it 

BrandExtract offers 360° strategic brand management.

  • We start with extensive research, data analysis, customer insights and company brand touchpoints.
  • We map out a course of action through smart communication plans and programs.
  • We build the necessary brand assets and help you integrate new behaviors and methods that spread your message and foster customer advocacy.
  • We equip you with the tools and technology to monitor performance and adjust quickly and easily.

This is where you discover and express the core purpose of your business, in a way that’s strategically different from your competitors. It is based on deep research and analysis, then delivered in ways that resonate logically and emotionally with your constituents.


Partnering with noted Data Scientist Vikas Mittal, Ph.D., we are employing quantitative data and using predictive models to inform the strategic assessments we deliver. This has a profound impact on what you do for each and every touchpoint for your brand.


Through market research, digital visibility assessments, website usability evaluations, brand equity models, and other means, we determine the proper content, channels and systems that will best engage your audiences. We deploy the programs that help you gain a strong customer base built on confidence in your brand and fascination with your message.


Every great brand needs great technology platforms running seamlessly behind the machine. By employing strategic social media channels and marketing automation, wielding expert customer experience tools and a best-in-class web content management system, we empower you to execute your strategy, measure results and inspire belief in your brand.