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Building a Brand Through Art and Science

Building and growing your brand is part art and a lot science. We immerse ourselves in the hard and soft data of your world, then use what we learn to create, express and grow your presence and influence.

How we do it 

BrandExtract offers 360° strategic brand management.

  • We start with extensive research, data analysis, customer insights and company brand touch points.
  • We map out a course of action through smart communication plans and programs.
  • We build the necessary brand assets and help you integrate new behaviors and methods that spread your message and foster customer advocacy.
  • We equip you with the tools and technology to monitor performance and adjust quickly and easily.
Brand insight icon
Brand Insight

We blend creative and analytical research methods to inform and develop our brand assessments, enabling us to convert data into insight and surface important customer and market opportunities.

  • Brand Driver Alignment: Conducting mission and value alignment and corporate visioning
  • Customer Understanding: Conducting customer analysis, focus groups, voice of the customer interviews and research
  • Journey Mapping: Collecting, understanding and defining key stakeholder journeys to support engagement and brand adoption
  • Research and Analytics: Conducting qualitative and quantitative research, data science, financial analysis and pro forma models
  • Brand Alignment: Defining brand value through customer loyalty and satisfaction metrics using the CUBES methodology
  • Brand Intelligence: Monitoring brand health over time through metrics, ongoing research methods, dashboards and marketing insights
  • Business Alignment: Tying corporate initiatives to brand value and ROI, and establishing differentiation with financial and market data
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Brand Strategy

We devise strategies that help define and maintain an organization's purpose so the brand can differentiate, create ardent advocates and deliver true business value.

  • Brand Positioning: Developing the brand positioning model and key messages to craft a compelling story
  • Brand Health Management: Managing engagement strategies and perception across industries, customers, employees and key stakeholders
  • Portfolio and Architecture: Defining brand architecture, messaging and products/services to accurately present the brand and accelerate its adoption
  • Stakeholder Alignment: Incorporating stakeholder experience into operational processes, marketing, sales and social interactions
  • Innovation: Crafting and piloting new ideas across product development, service offerings and business strategy to enhance brand value
  • Naming: Defining the brand name and nomenclature for corporate, products, solutions or divisions
  • Corporate Citizenship: Defining the brand association strategies to align stakeholder groups with the organization's core values
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Brand Experience

We develop experiential assets from brand creation to renovation that increase brand value and reinforce loyalty over time by fusing together communication and design principles.

  • Identity Design: Creating the visual and verbal identity for all key stakeholders across every touch point
  • Environmental Design: Expressing the brand look, feel and purpose through spatial design and technology across all points of contact
  • User Experience Design: Facilitating seamless interactions and experiences across platforms to inspire belief and brand advocacy
  • Service Design: Developing training systems and processes to establish strong relationships with customers, employees and other key stakeholders
  • Messaging Matrices: Mapping the messaging across stakeholder segments to define and demonstrate the most relevant brand attributes
  • Voice Conception: Establishing the "tone" through stories and tools that ensure consistency in the way stakeholders carry the brand
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Brand Engagement

We use systems, processes and technology to improve marketing and brand management capabilities and inspire belief in the marketplace.

  • Implementation: Launching and managing brand programs to develop a consistent experience across any industry and organization
  • Content Distribution: Executing engaging communications strategies across multiple media to fortify brand differentiation
  • Sales Integration: Refining sales operations and providing training across the organization to generate new business and retain or grow existing accounts
  • Brand Management Platforms: Installing the systems, processes and technologies needed for brand assets to drive adoption, consistency and productivity
  • Internal Engagement Programs: Creating the platforms and materials that will motivate internal audiences to embrace all brand values
  • Tracking and Reporting: Measuring brand performance across all touch points to inform decision making and drive continuous improvement