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Business Strategy Driven by Data

Data is our science. Through our dedicated methods of gathering data intelligence, we work to form business strategies that help grow your brand and remove uncertainty. 

What We Do

We enable companies to develop and implement a customer-focused strategy to:

  • Align senior leadership, middle management and front line employees on the most important drivers of customer value
  • Drive revenue by focusing on the most important strategic areas driving customer value
  • Achieve higher margins by eliminating initiatives that do not add value to customers.
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Benefits of Our Approach

BrandExtract partners with C-CUBES™ to develop and implement a customer-focused strategy for small and medium-sized B2B companies.  Our science-based framework and benchmarks (C-CUBES) enable you to coalesce the needs of key stakeholders using four main principles:

  • No Guesswork: We use a validated framework to accurately predict the financial performance affects of each strategic initiative. By stating specific financial consequences, we remove the guesswork that normally plagues strategy and execution. 
  • Focus on a Few: We use predictive analytics to help identify strategic initiatives that have the largest financial impact. As a result, we are able to advise companies to achieve more by actually doing less.
  • Align Stakeholders: Our benchmark approach helps increase alignment around the stakeholders by cascading the strategy and execution process, and chain linking the objectives of the shareholders/board members, senior leadership team and the managers/employees.
  • Increase Accountability: After we discover strategic areas that maximize financial performance, we can identify small sets of customer, operational and financial KPIs. This ensures that managers can hold themselves accountable to achieve the focused goal of strategy and execution.
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How the C-CUBES approach Will Facilitate Your Strategic Decisions

Board members, CEOs, and senior executives have many concerns that can be addressed by our approach:

Shareholders and Board Members’ Concern

  • How to best continuously grow revenue, margin, EBITDA?
  • How to reduce costs in a way that does not decrease the overall value proposition to customers?

Senior Leadership Team’s Concern

  • Are we aligned around the right strategic priorities to achieve what our shareholders and board members seek?
  • Will the strategic priorities align with customer value so that we continue to maintain and grow revenues and margin?

Customers’ Concern

  • Is your company satisfying the customers’ most important needs at a reasonable/fair price?
  • Is your company’s strategy aligned with customer needs?

Managers and Employees’ Concern

  • What are the focused set of initiatives we need to work on to execute our goals, and how can we ensure accountability?
  • Is management helping me focus on the most critical tasks that add customer value without increasing costs?