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This is Bigger Than a Job°

Just as it is a vital part of belief, passion plays a large part in our employees’ choice to work with us. This is not a place that just opens and closes. This is a group of like-minded people, each talented in their own right, that pulls together to make a difference. For our clients. For our community. For each other.

Culture and Values

Culture plays a huge role in day-to-day operations at BrandExtract. It’s the heartbeat of the agency that keeps us inspired and focused on our mission. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more supportive and team-centered environment. We hold each other accountable so that we all perform at the highest level, and you’re never alone. We value ingenuity and grit. We value innovation and intelligence. We value authentic relationships and human reactions. But there is one value that reigns supreme. It’s even written on our wall: Do the right thing. We strive to produce the best possible work for our clients and do right by our teammates all along the way.

See Where You Fit

We are always in search top talent, even if we don’t have an immediate need in your particular area of expertise. Explore featured roles to see if your skills and strengths match up with where we’re headed. Send us your resume to be considered for future openings or scroll down to browse open positions.


Unique benefits unite us, re-energize us and keep us focused on our mission. Things like our Quarterly Event, where we close the firm for a day in order to give back to our community in some meaningful, volunteer capacity. A growing ongoing training program that encourages employees to go out into the world, and find inspiration in the form of conferences or events that can fuel our understanding and be the impetus for new ideas. These are just a couple of the extra perks you’ll experience as part of our team.

BrandExtract offers total compensation that includes:
  • Competitive salaries
  • Comprehensive health, dental and vision care
  • Flexible work hours
  • A generous amount of personal time off (PTO)

We're Hiring


If you are a talented designer with proven experience in a variety of industries then BrandExtract has a home for you. Work side-by-side with some of Houston’s best creative talent. This is a permanent position and the compensation package is excellent.

The selected candidate will be involved with a wide range of projects including but not limited to presentations, Web, print, advertising, direct mail and tradeshow booth design. This position will also be involved in the production process, which can include dealing with vendors, clients/executives and internal design staff.

What you do...
  • Works directly with senior and executive management on the brand and design development of projects for a wide variety of clients.
  • Understands the client's business model and strategic plans
  • Align concepts accordingly
  • Meet with clients to address communication requirements
  • Brainstorm communication and marketing ideas and concepts that will drive brand recognition
  • Manage schedules and assets
What you are good at...
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills and the ability to work with clients to effectively meet their needs and deadlines
  • Superior attention to detail while balancing multiple projects
  • Thinking strategically to produce high-impact products
Your experience...
  • B.F.A. in design communications or equivalent
  • 1-5 years of design experience for a variety of industries and for a variety of solutions from digital logos to ads.
  • Adobe Creative Suite and MS Office proficiency
  • Proven creative experience

Thank You!

Brand Manager

You are the face of BrandExtract to all of your clients and the face of the client to all your team members in the company. As the primary go-between, you play the most critical role in turning strategic plans into smart projects and amazing deliverables.

What you do...
  • Support Brand Strategist with research, strategic plans and proposals
  • Collaborate with Project Managers to turn execution plans into individual projects with schedules and guidelines for success
  • Develop creative briefs/work orders in collaboration with Brand Strategist
  • Kickoff projects and effectively brief teams on project goals and requirements
  • Coordinate daily activities with Project Manager and internal teams to ensure projects are on strategy, on time and within budget
  • Establish and maintain regular communication with clients, consulting and guiding them through the process
  • Document and distribute information from meetings to keep all stakeholders on the same page and ensure everyone has the appropriate action items
  • Serve as the “go to” resource for all questions on client projects
  • Work with the Brand Strategist and Creative Directors to present and defend all proposals and creative work to clients
  • Oversee all project billing informing Accounting what to bill, reviewing invoices before they go to client and working with client to ensure prompt payment
What you are good at...
  • Managing client and team expectations and ensuring they are fully informed with no surprises
  • Wowing your clients and exceeding their needs while fearlessly pushing back when necessary
  • Clearly and concisely communicating both in writing and speaking
  • Transferring knowledge in a relevant and useful way to different audiences
  • Conducting and guiding productive meetings
  • Anticipating and proactively addressing client needs and concerns
  • Thinking through and solving problems
  • Inspiring and motivating team members, helping them to understand what clients need and want
  • Effectively managing many clients and numerous projects simultaneously
  • Identifying additional opportunities to help clients transform and grow
  • Representing BrandExtract at industry and community functions
Your experience...
  • Bachelor’s degree (in a communications field preferred)
  • 3-5 years working in a communications field (marketing experience preferred)
  • Proven ability to manage multiple projects and priorities in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to work with whatever software we throw at you

Thank You!

We’re Always Looking for Qualified Candidates.

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