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BrandExtract helps law firms create brands that separate them from the overcrowded pack and position them at the forefront of modern legal practice.

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We've guided brands in the legal industry through branding and marketing efforts regardless of practice area. Our years of experience have enabled us to drive results for the clients below and many more. 

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In a competitive field that often reveres the past, we catapult you ahead.

Law firms face distinct challenges to their brands. Competition from in-house teams, non-practicing consultants, and online services that are on the rise. The pressure to bill client hours at the expense of active marketing is causing sameness across the industry. There’s also the tendency to tout individual attorneys over the firm. We help our clients take advantage of these trends by branding themselves aggressively, intelligently, and differently.

Our new brand has not only greatly increased our visibility in a very competitive marketplace, but has also sparked enthusiasm in our attorneys, who have become eagerly reengaged in our marketing efforts. This experience has proven to us how crucial it is to have a strategically developed brand that accurately conveys a company's mission, vision and values.

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