Sandra Soliz Exline

Sr. Account Manager

Sandra Soliz Exline Portrait

Fitness Fan, Extrovert, Black Belt

With a determined sense of purpose, Sandra uses her branding and marketing prowess to build connections through creative ideas. Her outgoing personality and open-minded nature allows her to easily collaborate with any team, where she contributes a diligent organizational approach to keep projects on track.

Obstacles only seem insurmountable until you take consistent little steps that build up to overcome them.

Bringing over two decades of account management experience to the table, Sandra has led global brands to remarkable success and growth. A diligent self-starter, she has built entire teams and managed the growth of major brands on her own. In previous roles, her hard work has earned such accolades as Procter & Gamble Internal Worldwide recognition and JCPenney’s Supplier of the Year.

A seasoned expert in nearly every aspect of branding and advertising, Sandra finds satisfaction in wearing many hats. She loves following the development of a brand from ideation to execution, and is quick to jump in wherever she’s needed. At BrandExtract, Sandra enjoys the open and collaborative environment that fuels her creativity.

Sandra excels at staying ahead of the curve on her team’s needs. Her detail-oriented style anticipates challenges and allows her to plan ahead for a project’s success. She thrives when putting all the pieces together to bring the big picture to fruition.

After work, Sandra spends most of her time on home improvement projects around her house and keeping up with her husband and two kids. She also loves exercise and fitness (she used to run a CrossFit business with her husband), including martial arts, yoga and weight lifting. 


  • Bachelor’s in Communication and Advertising (Minor in Marketing), University of Texas at Arlington