Steven Fippinger


Steven Fippinger Portrait

Outdoorsman, Futurist, Avid Gamer

Perceptive and analytical, Steven uses his background in user support, server administration and programming to develop cutting-edge websites and applications for BrandExtract and our clients. Steven is driven by the power programming has to assist people. This has also inspired him to study how technology has evolved throughout history and where it could take us in the future. Outside of BrandExtract, Steven continues to put his programming expertise to work by developing his own computer games.

Great work comes from standing on the shoulders of giants. Every iteration moves us forward.

With a background in user support and server administration, Steven Fippinger joined BrandExtract in 2014 to pursue more in-depth development projects. Steven views his previous experience in user support as an exercise in problem-solving; it taught him how to quickly narrow down information and get to the root of an issue. Fluent in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Steven feels inspired by the ability to create new tools and experiences through programming.

Steven has developed exceptional digital experiences for clients such as Chancellor Oil Tool, Western Gas, Mozambique LNG and Zachry Construction Corporation.

What does Steven like most about working at BE? The work-life balance and the friends he's made here. Outside of the office, Steven, a native Houstonian, experiments with game programming and development. He enjoys running, hiking and looking to science fiction and the history of technology to see what the future might hold.


  • BS in Computer Science, University of Houston