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BrandExtract helps assertive technology companies transcend typical product focus and present a visionary story that captures customers for life.

A few of our technology clients.

We're well-versed in branding and marketing in the technology market. Below is a sampling of the clients we've helped create innovative brands and strategies for. 

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Tech is its own frenzied, sink-or-swim universe. Rule your part of it.

The tech industry deals with daily forces that are famously more intense than other sectors. Lightning-fast innovation, low barriers to startups and disruptors, constant change, overnight obsolescence. It’s chaotic out there, but through the lens of a strong and active brand, all of these factors can work to your advantage. From IT companies to SAAS brands and everything in between, we help tech companies stand out above the fray, communicate their strengths, and lock in customer loyalty.

The new brand really illuminates what it is we do and communicates how we help clients get…more value out of their E&P investments. BrandExtract helped us develop a language and a process for selling our expertise to a broader E&P universe.

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