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Over the years this industry leader has acquired its main competitors, gone public, integrated disparate cultures, grown at dizzying speeds, and transformed the entire sector’s business model. We’ve helped them succeed every step of the way.

Ready to Rock

WillScot was about to dive into several transformative initiatives. To ensure success, the company needed an airtight brand strategy. Enter BrandExtract. We started by conducting a range of research to review the efficacy of WillScot’s existing brand. Armed with that knowledge, we fine-tuned the strategy and elevated the brand in every way. WillScot has emerged with a stronger identity, greater brand recognition and a consistent experience across all touchpoints.



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Building Powerful Differentiation

Creating a value proposition that could elevate WillScot above an overly crowded field of competitors was a daunting challenge. Hear the story of how the “Ready to Work” messaging platform came to be.

Ready to Work

One of the most potent elements of the new WillScot brand is its promise, Ready to Work. These three simple words encapsulate the true value of WillScot for all audiences – customers, employees and shareholders. It actively touts the company’s industry-leading assets, expertise, availability, responsiveness and the immediacy of its turnkey approach.

BrandExtract team at a WillScot Sales Event standing in front of a billboard.

A WillScot box display sitting in the lobby of the WillScot Sales Event.

Ready to Grow

WillScot hired BrandExtract to take its brand to the next level and fuel its growth potential. We rose to the challenge and helped our client succeed. Several years on, WillScot is still transforming and growing. And we’re still the go-to partner, faciliatating corporate events, internal campaigns, interactive media, video, marketing campaigns, PPC, SEO and much more.

Ready to Expand

WillScot has achieved massive, rapid growth through aggressive M&A, which has necessitated the cultural integration of companies that were once fierce market rivals. Challenges like these go to the core of what we do. By forging a singular united message across all company communications, including the consolidation of multiple websites, BrandExtract has helped WillScot bring all employees together into one motivated force. We have inspired belief.

BrandExtract delivered a solution that was above any expectation. WillScot’s new brand image mirrors our company’s values as a whole. They were really able to dive deep into the roots of our company and get a full grasp of who WillScot is as an entire organization – our values, customer needs, and our needs.

A video developed that shows the coming together of two brands: WillScot and MobileMini 

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A series of examples of WillScot's new brand colors across written material.

A graphic diagram showing off WillScot's Total Jobsite Solutions.

Graphic of a web browser nav bar
A screen capture of the WillScot Homepage.

Ready for the Future

Our partnership with WillScot has achieved a long string of successes over many years, and we fully intend to keep that track record going. Since beginning this relationship, WillScot has become the clear forerunner in its industry. We continue to work closely with company leadership on a daily basis to protect and protract that position. Together we are ever committed to evolving our strategies to seize new opportunities for progress and growth.

Results and Outcomes


boost in web form submissions


increase in web sessions

4 major companies

integrated to 1


  • Outstanding Website - WebAwards
  • Search Engine Marketing - AMA Crystal Awards
  • Video Series Award of Excellence - ANA Lantern Awards
  • Construction Website, Silver -W3 Awards
  • Logo Design, Lantern - ANA Lantern Awards
  • Website Award of Excellence - ANA Lantern Awards
  • Rebranding Award of Excellence - ANA Lantern Awards
  • Internal Video Award of Excellence - ANA Lantern Awards

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