Meet the BrandExtract Interns


Ylliana leaning on a metal structure outside in the summer

Part of being a BrandExtract team member is embodying our core values in every part of our work. One of those values, Teach and Lead, is paramount to our mission to grow as a company and share knowledge with others. That responsibility includes mentoring young professionals by fostering their practical experience with branding, marketing, web development, and more.

We periodically welcome talented interns who are eager to hone their skills and grow in their respective professions. They embody another one of our values, Be Curious, by approaching every project with a willingness to learn and grow in occupations for which they have a deep passion.

Read on to learn about our two interns, Ylliana and Evelyn, and discover the ways they bring their curiosity to the table to create, transform and grow while inspiring belief in brands.

Design Intern: Ylliana Larsen

Ylliana is a senior at the University of North Texas, where she studies design. Her interest in art and design came at an early age while watching her dad paint. Growing up, she pursued studio art before being introduced to the world of graphic design in a class at UNT. The diversity of tools and software used in the design industry captured her attention, and she embraced it with an intense curiosity and eagerness to learn.

Ylliana prides herself on becoming familiar with a broad array of visual styles and tools. Her ability to pick up new knowledge and use it to experiment with different expressions and techniques helps keep her designs fresh and unique. She savors the opportunity at BrandExtract to work with a variety of brand styles to bring their identities to life.

Outside of work hours, Ylliana can often be found enjoying a board game with friends or playing tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons. She also has a fondness for birds, her favorite being the powerful secretarybird.

Developer Intern: Evelyn Gonzalez

Evelyn is a recent graduate of Grinnell College, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science. Coding caught her interest early in her education when she took a Java class that instilled a passion for the problem-solving involved in programming and web development. Ever since, she has enjoyed honing her creative prowess to squash bugs and create results.

With an empathetic approach to her code, Evelyn pushes herself to think about the needs of end users in all of her work. She feels passionately about the importance of accessibility and confronting biases that often unintentionally exclude people from digital spaces. She thrives in her role when she can communicate narratives through web platforms to tell brand stories in an interactive way, enhancing the experience of their customers and employees alike.

When she's not coding away, Evelyn enjoys playing video games, listening to music and writing her own short stories. Coincidentally, she also is quite fond of birds; her favorite is the elegant mourning dove.

Inspire Belief With Your Brilliance

Our interns are valuable members of the team who contribute with their bright minds and fresh perspectives. If you have skills of your own to contribute to the BrandExtract team, check out our Jobs page for the latest positions available.