Case Study: Building Engagement with Digital Strategy


digital marketing case study

In this digital strategy case study, see how BrandExtract increased sales, lead generation and website traffic for Ringers Gloves without exceeding our marketing budget. 

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Some projects only have single elements – websites, brochures, or one-off videos. These projects are great, but we most enjoy planning and executing complete campaigns; the kind that combine digital strategy and marketing strategy to achieve long term results and increase ROI.

And, we had the opportunity to do just that: planning and executing an digital strategy campaign for Ringers Gloves with HubSpot’s inbound marketing software. The best part: this project won Best of Show in the BMA-Houston 2018 Lantern Awards.

What Should A Digital Strategy Deliver?

A digital strategy should achieve the clients’ specific marketing goals. Simple enough, right?

Ringers’ goal was to sell more gloves and gain more leads. They also needed to expand brand awareness outside the oil and gas market. Plus, they wanted a complete digital marketing strategy. That’s where we came in.

We’ll show how those marketing strategies came together, but first let’s talk results.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Results
  • E-commerce: Highest number of e-commerce sales since site launch.
  • Website: Website unique users surpassed industry benchmark by 62%.
  • Blog: 4 Blog posts earned 1st result in Google for broad keywords.
  • Landing pages: Surpassed industry benchmark for Cost per Contact by $41.24.
  • Email marketing: Surpassed email open rate industry benchmark by 12.15%.
  • Social media marketing: 114% increase in clicks 160% increase in engagement.
  • Search Engine Marketing: Surpassed click through rate benchmark by 57%.
  • Video Marketing: 151% increase in YouTube watch time.

Digital Strategy Example: 

Time to see what an integrated digital strategy example looks like.

Below are the marketing campaigns, plus the digital strategy results for each medium.

Marketing Website

Website Results:

  • Website unique users surpassed industry benchmark by 62%
  • Ranking keywords increased from 119 to 227. Ranked keywords increased through SEO.

E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce Results: 

  • Highest number of e-commerce sales since site launch
  • 30% increase in total sale

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Platfrom 

There’s a lot of moving parts to this marketing campaign, and to optimize each form of communication, BrandExtract leveraged HubSpot’s inbound marketing software.

With HubSpot, we were able to measure and improve our marketing efforts, month over month. And now, BrandExtract’s a HubSpot-certified marketing agency.

Website Landing Pages

Using HubSpot, we created Landing Pages with a content offer for free product brochures. The result: a powerful lead-generation tool that also provides educational content to convert audiences.

Every month, we created a new marketing theme, content offer and a landing page to provide valuable resources for every target audience.

These landing pages gather an email address from a visitor by offering free content. In our case, this free content was a series of brochures.

Landing Page Results: 

  • Surpassed industry benchmark for cost per contact by $41.24
  • 288 customers converted after landing page interaction

Blog Post Content

Monthly blogs were essential to this campaign. We did a ton of research to figure out our audience’s pain points.

Then, we used content marketing to solve their challenges. Ultimately, the blogs would lead people to landing pages, so we could maximize lead generation and lead conversion rates.

Blog Results: 

  • 4 Blog posts earned 1st result in Google for broad keywords
  • 423 marketing qualified leads generated
  • 58% increase in time-on-page on blog post pages

“[BrandExtract’s] digital strategy produced direct, tangible results. In less than 6 months, they increased lead generation, lowered the cost per contact, increased web traffic and created positive sales growth.”
Jim Wolf, Chief Executive Officer

Search Engine Optimization

To improve SEO, BrandExtract analyzed web traffic and made recommendations to improve website performance every month. We targeted keywords with high search volume – which we discovered through extensive keyword research – to improve blog and website SEO.

This keyword research paid off. 4 Blog posts earned the first result in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

SEO Results:

  • SEO to improve search rankings for all blogs. Ranked keywords increased from 119 to 227
  • 4 Blog posts earned 1st result in Google for broad keywords

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing, also known as paid advertising, drove people to the e-commerce website.

We used several forms of paid advertising, from paid search to display ads. Below are some of our favorite display advertising and their performance.

Search Engine Marketing Results:

  • Surpassed click through rate benchmark by 57%
  • Surpassed cost per click benchmark by 35%
  • 8.61% return on investment
  • 47% reduction in cost-per-click

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Results:

  • 14.3% increase in followers
  • 345% increase in website visits
  • 14% increase in clicks
  • 160% increase in engagement
  • 520% increase in engagement (May), compared to previous year, same month

Email Marketing

Email marketing drives lead generation and sales. Emails were sent to key audiences with exclusive price decreases and promos, helping to boost sales.

The email marketing also directed audiences to our blog content – the primary lead-generating content in this digital marketing strategy- and trade show events.

Email Marketing Results:

  • Surpassed email open rate industry benchmark by 12.15%
  • Surpassed email click through rate (CTR) by 1.3%

Video Marketing

Video Marketing Results:

  • 88% increase in total views
  • 151% increase in YouTube watch time

Print Advertising

Tradeshow Marketing

Tradeshow marketing played a role in the digital marketing strategy. We used digital marketing and exclusive offers to drive attendance at trade show events.

Powerpoint Presentations

Everyone needs a good PowerPoint presentation. This presentation was given to new leads attracted through the digital marketing strategy.



Thanks for reading our Digital Strategy Case Study. As content marketers, we’re always looking for ways to prove the ROI of digital marketing. There’s benefits and drawbacks to every form of online marketing. The trick is to identify the most effective and efficient way to solve customer challenges.

If you want more on digital strategy, reach out to us. Or keep exploring additional insights.