Sales are the lifeblood of your company. Protect this vital aspect of your business by letting our sales professionals optimize your sales operations, based on hard data and high expectations.

Sales Strategy

Who is your typical customer? Where does he go to look for solutions to his problems? What is his budget? Our Sales Strategy offerings utilize internal and external data analytics to answer these questions and identify high-value markets for your business to help you allocate your resources the best way possible. Our Sales Strategists dive into:

  • Research and assessments
  • Customer segmentation
  • Target account ID

Sales Implementation 

The implementation of your sales strategy is where the rubber meets the road. We analyze every detail of your sales operations to pinpoint weaknesses, make practical recommendations, and transition you and your team to better methods for serving and understanding customers. We optimize:

  • New Logo Target Accounts (List and Data Services)
  • Sales frameworks: We analyze your inside, outside, or channel sales processes to ensure your go-to-market strategies—whether inside, outside, or channel sales—are effective.
    • Sales framework program
    • Channel partner programs
  • Sales enablement: We equip your team with all the tools, knowledge, and skills they need to succeed in every interaction with buyers.
    • Sales playbook program
    • Sales training and accreditation program
  • Persona profile programs

Sales Management 

Don’t just hope that your sales strategy is working. Our sales experts check the pulse of your business to verify you’re doing everything necessary to keep up with changes in the market and maximize returns. As part of an ongoing partnership, we help manage:

  • Sales forecasting
  • Account retention
  • Sales force right-sizing

Regardless of how seasoned your team is, playbooks provide templates for addressing changing markets, new products and other evolving factors that impact sales. We use a proven, data-driven approach to gather input from your sales and marketing teams and create customized, engaging and action-oriented playbooks.