Q4 Roundup: Giving Back and Growing


Denajia sitting in a courtyard on a rope swing, with green foliage behind her

2023 ended with a bang, as we wrapped up projects and welcomed new team members. BrandExtract is running with this momentum in the new year, but first, let's recap some of the biggest news from last quarter.

BrandExtract Named Fastest Growing Agency by AdWeek

For the first time ever, BrandExtract was named one of AdWeek's Fastest Growing Agencies for 2023. This honor, given to the top 100 growing agencies in the United States, is a sign of the massive strides we've made over the past few years in inspiring belief for our clients. 

Over the past few years, BrandExtract has been on a journey of meaningful growth, allowing us to unlock new potential in our clients and in our own capabilities. This award is a massive accomplishment for our team and is an indication of the bright future ahead. Read about the honor and what it means for the future of our company.

BrandExtract Wins Five HBMA Lantern Awards

Once again, BrandExtract had a fantastic showing at the HBMA Lantern Awards, a show that recognizes the finest work in branding and marketing in the Houston area. We were proud to receive recognition for a total of ten different projects—a testament to the amazing work our team and our clients have put in over the past year.

Explore the full article for a look at each of the award-winning projects, as well as a rundown of which projects won which award.

BrandExtract Gives Back to Causes that Inspire

Every quarter, our team visits a local non-profit to learn more about their impact on our community and to volunteer our time towards their cause. This tradition is core to BrandExtract's identity, and has led to strong relationships with some stellar causes around the Houston area.

For this year's holiday card, we invited team members, clients and the broader BrandExtract community to vote on the charity that resonated with them the most. Now that the winners are in, read the full breakdown of the charities that received the most votes and learn more about their inspirational causes.

The Newest BrandExtract Team Members

With a new year comes exciting new possibilities, and we have no shortage of those in store here. Some of those possibilities are due in large part to the fantastic new teammates we've brought aboard over the past few months.

As always, these newest faces to join BrandExtract are already contributing some bright new ideas. Read a bit about each of them to learn what makes them tick.



This wraps up Q4, but keep an eye out for new updates on all the things moving here at BrandExtract. We have plenty in store for 2024, so expect to hear from us soon. For more resources and expertise, browse our insights section for articles on all things branding.