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Antelope Oil Tool

Learn how we developed a cohesive brand for a rapidly growing company, allowing them to successfully penetrate new markets°

To reach the next level of its business strategy, Antelope Oil Tool, a leading global supplier of casing and cementing tools, adopted an active acquisition strategy. The company engaged BrandExtract to develop a cohesive brand to unify its rapidly expanding catalog of products and help Antelope pursue its next stage of growth.

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After decades of selling a limited product line to a primary customer that accounted for a large portion of its business, Antelope Oil Tool began to target exponential growth, acquiring several companies in short succession. With a newly expanded product catalog and service line designed to suit customer needs, Antelope wanted to shift its strategy to penetrate a broader market and reach out to new clients.

“BrandExtract delivered a solution that was above any expectation. Antelope’s new brand image mirrors our company’s values as whole. They were really able to dive deep into the roots of our company and get a full grasp of who Antelope is as an entire organization – our values, customer needs and our needs.”

— Chelsea Troxler
Marketing Manager, Antelope Oil Tool


Based on a 360-degree assessment, BrandExtract developed the brand position “Distinctive tools. Instinctive Service.” Rooted in the strength and impact of Antelope’s fifty-year history, we created an identity package, including a new logo, to showcase the depth of knowledge, longevity and industry experience represented in Antelope’s team. The brand also more accurately represents the future of the company and embodies its dedication to better serve customers.

 Since Antelope sought to balance out its client portfolio and attract a wider variety of customers, the rebrand process served to reset their mindset on how they bring their company to market. We facilitated important conversations with the executive team about how to present the holistic value of the company and restructure services in a way that makes the most sense for customers. We collaborated with leadership to define product lines and reorganize offerings in order to incorporate them within the greater company framework.

 With the new, cohesive brand in place, the sales team has a better platform to communicate with customers and prospects to pursue the company’s aggressive growth strategy.