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See How We Unified Two Brands to Recharge a Leader in Ergonomics°

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ErgoGenesis Workplace Solutions, LLC, a leader in the ergonomic chair market, and the company’s chair brand, BodyBilt, are best-in-class for ergonomic solutions. Even with a reputation as a designer of high-quality products with an excellent customer satisfaction record, they had trouble with brand confusion and a lack of compelling product branding.

Graphical representation of the BrandExtract process

What We Did

  • Repositioned the brand
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Reconstructed and named product lines
  • Defined key target audience and buyer personas

How We Did It

  • In-depth brand assessment and customer interviews
  • Updated brand visual elements and messaging
  • Developed in-depth message matrices for each product line
  • Updated digital experience through a phased approach


The company and its products were being marketed under two different identities: ErgoGenesis, the manufacturer and BodyBilt, the product name. The ErgoGenesis and BodyBilt brands were competing for each other’s attention, which caused total brand confusion to customers and low name recognition. The outdated brands were also impacting its shifting business goals.

BodyBilt was seen as the underdog in the industry and needed a sustainable consistent brand to gain market share. The brand needed to modernize to remain competitive in the market.


Aligning Brands

Based on our in-depth assessment, we repositioned the ErgoGenesis and BodyBilt brands to fall under one consistent outward facing brand, BodyBilt, to reduce confusion in the marketplace. The inspired brand displays personalization, concierge service and a deep understanding of ergonomics.

Establishing Order

Customers found the 250+ product numbers confusing and hard to remember. We introduced new product architecture simplified to seven product lines and developed new recognizable product names. Renaming and organizing each of BodyBilt’s products generates brand awareness and recognition among customers. We also developed product launch plans to introduce new solutions to the market.

Market Re-alignment

BodyBilt’s brand messaging was overly targeting ergonomists and excluding all other audiences. Our new personas helped BodyBilt understand how to communicate with each audience, which allowed for larger and broader sales opportunities.


Our product launch plan helped maximize visibility for the Aircelli when it received the 2016 ErgoExpo Attendees Choice Award – a significant achievement for a newly launched product.

Product sales have increased in scale as deal sizes are now larger and more diverse than ever. A shift in marketing collateral from catalog sales to production lines save time and money for BodyBilt’s internal team. The brand now reflects the cult-like loyalty and persona of its buyers.

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