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See how we unified two brands to recharge a leader in ergonomics°

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ErgoGenesis Workplace Solutions, LLC, a leader in the ergonomic chair market, and the company’s chair brand, BodyBilt, hold the title of best-in-class for ergonomic solutions. BodyBilt chairs – considered to have the most ergonomic offering in the industry – can be found in Fortune 500 businesses and government institutions. But despite having a reputation as a designer of high-quality, truly ergonomic products with an excellent customer satisfaction record, the organization encountered issues with brand confusion and lack of compelling product branding.

It was time to give BodyBilt a brand presence that emphasized its ergonomic-obsessed cult following and differentiated the brand from its competitors.

What We Did

  • Repositioned the brand
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Restructured and named product lines
  • Defined key target audience and buyer personas

How We Did It

  • Comprehensive brand assessment with in-depth customer interviews
  • Updated brand visual elements and messaging for all marketing and sales materials
  • Developed in-depth message matrices for each product line
  • Updated digital experience through a phased approach


The company and products were being marketed under two different identities: Ergogenesis, the manufacturer and BodyBilt, the product name. The ErgoGenesis and BodyBilt brands were competing for each other’s attention on its website, print collateral and even in employee communications — team members felt conflicted about which company technically employed them. Because of discrepancy of names on marketing materials and internally, BodyBilt’s ability to grow and be highly recognizable in the market was limited. BodyBilt was seen as the underdog in the industry and needed a sustainable consistent brand to gain market share. Overall, the BodyBilt brand needed to modernize to remain competitive in its market.

While customer service and satisfaction were strengths for BodyBilt, the structure of its products were confusing to customers. Unlike a lot of its competitors, BodyBilt didn’t consistently name or organize its product lines, relying instead on product item numbers that made them difficult to search and find. Generic product labels contributed to weakening brand loyalty and brand recognition issues.


We conducted an in-depth assessment of BodyBilt’s existing brand that included competitor research and interviews with ergonomists, employees and BodyBilt customers. These findings lead to insights of the company's brand and uncover any further challenges.

Defined Brand Position

We recommended the company to move forward under one brand name to increase brand recognition among customers. Based on our extensive research, we developed BodyBilt to be the outward facing brand that displays personalization, concierge service and a deep understanding of ergonomics. BodyBilt already had a loyal group of customers that recognized the quality and dependability of their products, but that wasn’t being expressed to the market. We developed a fresh brand that reflected BodyBilt’s commitment to comfort and customization.

Built a Product Line Structure and Launch Plan

By structuring BodyBilt’s chairs into organized product lines, we were then able to build a plan to launch new products into the market. Renaming and organizing each of BodyBilt’s products will help generate brand awareness and recognition among its customers. Our team developed a product launch plan starting with BodyBilt’s newest ergonomic chair, the Aircelli, by teasing the product through various types of marketing collateral and announcements to industry influencers that have generated interest.


Our product launch plan helped maximize visibility for the Aircelli when it received the 2016 ErgoExpo Attendees Choice Award – a significant achievement for a newly launched product – because the Aircelli was chosen by conference attendees as one of the best new ergonomic products.

Our team continues to build brand awareness for BodyBilt through social media, digital advertising, sales collateral updates and website improvements. Comparing data from September 2015-2016 to September 2016-2017, we've seen an increase in the following website metrics:

  • Total traffic to the website by 25%
  • New users to the website by 38% 
  • Pageviews on the website by 23%
  • Unique pageviews on the website by 38% 

We've also made an impact to BodyBilt's brand and sales by defining and naming seven existing product lines, which allows customers to build name recognition for their favorite ergonomic products.