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Learn how a focus on values differentiated a law firm from its competitors°

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BoyarMiller is a Houston-based law firm that offers comprehensive legal services in the areas of corporate, real estate, finance and capital formation, as well as business, real estate and employment litigation. Its Business group serves multinational companies, middle-market businesses and entrepreneurs, while its Litigation group represents organizations of all sizes, from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.

With leadership transitions and other changes on the horizon, it was time to give BoyarMiller an identity that emphasized its strong values and differentiated the firm from its competitors.

What We Did

  • Rebranded the company
  • Increase brand visibility
  • Redefine perception in the marketplace

How We Did It

  • Create strategic messaging
  • Communicate value proposition
  • Manage leadership transition

The Challenge

When the firm approached BrandExtract, it was a successful business that, while relatively small in size, held its own among the larger law firms in the area. The perception in the marketplace, however, was that it was too small to handle big cases – a view shaped in part by the firm’s low visibility.

The majority of attorneys were not engaged in marketing efforts, and the firm was not actively promoting how its unique operations and values benefit clients and the community. It was clear that BoyarMiller clients felt the positive impact of the firm’s commitment to incorporating its values into everyday operations, yet this wasn’t being communicated to the rest of the marketplace.

With new leadership seeking to grow the firm’s visibility, they sought our assistance bringing the company’s unique value to the forefront of their marketing efforts.

“BoyarMiller had a lot to offer, but they weren’t promoting it. It was evident to us that this rebranding project was about taking an already great company and better communicating how BoyarMiller is valuable to its clients and to the community as a whole,” said BrandExtract President and CEO Bo Bothe.

The Solution

We began our rebranding of BoyarMiller with an assessment that involved meeting with the firm’s senior leadership, conducting interviews with current clients, researching competitors and talking with the firm’s staff and attorneys. This in-depth research confirmed that BoyarMiller’s values are the cornerstone of the firm’s success both externally and internally.

Focus on Values

Our findings led to a new brand position – Practice with Purpose – that conveys the idea that everything BoyarMiller does is purposeful and is based on its five core values:

  • Achieving practical business solutions using vision, creativity and expertise
  • Highest integrity in all dealings
  • Relentless dedication to service
  • Sustaining an atmosphere of mutual respect, support and authentic communication
  • Developing our people to be great professionals

We attached messaging to each of those values to pull them to the forefront. Each value was also paired with an image that featured personal items belonging to the attorneys, representing that they put all of themselves into what they do.

The new positioning, messaging and imagery were used as the basis for the firm’s brand, which was then consistently incorporated into a corporate brochure; a revamped website; e-mail marketing and other pieces.

Share Knowledge

To share the firm’s expertise, foster engagement and cultivate the new value-based brand platform, we helped the company develop its popular Breakfast Forum series. The educational speaker series covers perspectives in the energy industry, capital markets and commercial real estate among other topics. The events enhance BoyerMiller’s reputation as an industry leader while offering significant value for clients and colleagues.


The Impact

As a result of the rebranding, BoyarMiller has increased its visibility in the marketplace and has differentiated itself as a firm that uncompromisingly operates within the boundaries of its mission, vision and values.

The firm's attorneys contribute enthusiastically to ongoing marketing efforts by sharing information through four new BoyarMiller blogs, three of which are targeted to specific legal issues. This has helped increase site traffic and has further established the firm as a major player in the law arena with an extensive knowledge base.

The Breakfast Forum series continues to grow in scale, with some events even requiring a wait list for attendees.

Following this successful rebrand, BoyarMiller was named AMA-Houston Marketer of the Year for 2009 in the Professional Legal category.

“Our new brand has not only greatly increased our visibility in a very competitive marketplace, but has also sparked enthusiasm in our attorneys, who have become eagerly reengaged in our marketing efforts. This experience has proven to us how crucial it is to have a strategically developed brand that accurately conveys a company’s mission, vision and values.”

— Chris Hanslik,
Vice Chairman, BoyarMiller