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See how redefining services and repositioning a brand perpetually grows sales°

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CompleteRx is a pharmacy management consulting company founded in 1998. When independent hospitals have difficulty managing the pharmacy that resides on the premises, they look for resources to help them find quality pharmacists who are skilled at running the pharmacy more efficiently and profitably.

BrandExtract was engaged in order to give CompleteRx a new brand that would better demonstrate the vital impact it can have on the entire hospital ecosystem and how it can transform a corporate expense into a thriving profit center.

What We Did

  • Established a relevant brand voice
  • Differentiated services
  • Steered conversation to a more valuable engagement

How We Did It

  • Modernized the brand
  • Revamped external messaging
  • Supplied more relevant communication tools

The Challenge

Unfortunately, economic uncertainty, and impending federal healthcare reform had hospitals carefully guarding their budgets. If hospital leadership sees a service like pharmacy management as an administrative luxury, they aren’t as likely to contract a company like CompleteRx. Or if they do, once operations are on course, management assumes they can put the pharmacy on autopilot and cut the management company loose.

Impacting the Ecosystem

Every hospital is a living organism. All departments, able to operate completely independent of each other, need to operate fluidly for the hospital to be profitable and safe. It was important that CompleteRx began their conversations with independent hospitals by demonstrating how the pharmacy serves as the epicenter of this ecosystem and how it can unite all departments in streamlined fashion.

The Solution

BrandExtract began its engagement with CompleteRx with a deep dive into the business and the industry. We discovered an opportunity to change the conversation with potential and current customers. CompleteRx not only streamlines pharmacy processes and keeps a hospital compliant, they introduce new avenues of collaboration with all departments within the hospital. These fresh collaborative efforts enable new ways to save money, elevate patient safety and reduce waste across the board in the complex ecosystem that is a hospital. 

The SuperPharmacist

CompleteRx is able to further differentiate their offerings by introducing the idea of the SuperPharmacist – a unique pharmacy expert that relies on the immense resources of CompleteRx’s network of pharmacy managers and support staff. In this manner, hospitals can leverage greater savings on pharmaceuticals, deeper expertise to increase efficiency and a more comprehensive compliance plan to survive the impending ACA. 

The Impact

By working with CompleteRx to develop a fresh, differentiating brand that changes the way hospitals think about the function of pharmacy, we were able to better position the pharmacy management company to engage in deeper, more lucrative conversations with customers and demonstrate the perpetual impact CompleteRx can have on the hospital ecosystem. A new website, collateral and direct mail campaign supplied the tools to maintain the conversation and reach customers across the country with a more relevant message.

Thought Leadership to Round Out Pharmacy Leadership

CompleteRx’s new brand isn’t just better pharmacy. It’s Living Pharmacy. Which means fresh, constant content that guides customers through the current issues that affect hospitals. The CompleteRx Knowledge Leadership series – “ThinkPharmacy” – allows customers access to critical advice, assistance and opinion designed to help cultivate the hospital ecosystem.


“This has been more than just a new logo and a new look. We have a new way of talking about ourselves and what we offer. The new brand helps us explain how our comprehensive approach extends beyond the pharmacy walls, financially, operationally, culturally and technologically.”

— Terry Andrus
President and CEO, CompleteRX