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Employer Flexible

Learn how we restructured services and repositioned the company to drive sales and differentiation°

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Employer Flexible, an emerging leader in the professional employer organization (PEO) arena, approached BrandExtract to gain increased visibility over larger competitors, grow and engage its customer base, build authority and showcase expertise in ways that would reflect its expanding influence in the industry.

What We Did

  • Assessed and benchmarked the brand
  • Strategically positioned the brand
  • Grew sales across all branches of the company
  • Launched a new digital presence

How We Did It

  • Refined customer messaging and framework
  • Created a platform to showcase insights and expertise
  • Launched lead generation and switching programs
  • Increased quality of leads and profits

The Challenge

Up against larger, more established competitors, Employer Flexible wanted to claim its own space in the market. They had outgrown their current marketing efforts and needed guidance on how to tell their story and connect with more potential customers. The company had also recently acquired an IT solutions branch that needed a new identity that still fit within the overall Employer Flexible brand.

It was crucial for Employer Flexible to assess and redefine their market position in order to differentiate from the competition, extend their audience reach, and attract a new tier of clients. 

The Solution

In order to become the company they envisioned, Employer Flexible needed to change the way they operated internally. Based on recommendations informed by our brand research, Employer Flexible needed to transform the brand from the inside out, revamping sales processes and customer service protocols to support the direction that the company wanted to grow in the marketplace.

We brought an entirely new brand to market for both Employer Flexible and their recently acquired subsidiary, Empact IT. The transformed brand shows they understand what is important to their customers’ businesses and focuses on education and relationship building to help their clients grow. We developed strategic messaging and fresh visuals that communicate Employer Flexible’s commitment to “impact what matters.” 

Facilitate client engagement

Embracing the need for increased brand awareness and a more systematic way to drive qualified leads, we worked with Employer Flexible to create new avenues to support these goals. Through our integrated approach, we implemented direct marketing campaigns, including direct mail and email newsletters, online marketing campaigns with PPC and banner advertisements, and launched a new Knowledge Series platform to support Employer Flexible’s thought leadership strategy.

The brand has been adopted heavily throughout every aspect of the organization, aligning people and processes with the new messaging. Employer Flexible continues to support this multi-faceted approach to marketing, working collaboratively to build year-over-year growth.

The Impact

We helped Employer Flexible implement new strategic messaging, build a robust thought leadership platform and increase customer touch points. Our marketing efforts brought new leads to the sales team, increasing initial conversations by 61%. Employer Flexible’s maintained a 90% client retention rate and their Net Promoter Score grew to 60, indicating an increase in customer loyalty.

Our program with their subsidiary, Empact IT, grew both revenue and initial sales conversations by 50%. Making new believers of the brand has paid major dividends, with many of the company’s new contracts citing our efforts.

We continue to support their new and ongoing campaigns, acting as partners towards realizing their business goals.