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Marine Military Academy

Read how a rebrand globally turned around leads and enrollment for this school°

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Marine Military Academy (MMA), offers college preparatory and Marine Corps Junior ROTC programs to young men in grades 8-12. While MMA boasts a 97 percent college acceptance rate and a huge advantage for those applying to the U.S. service academies, the school still found itself in the midst of a steady drop in enrollment.

We partnered with the academy to create a revitalized brand experience that showcases the school’s transformative role in the lives of cadets and expand its ability to reach new audiences. 

What We Did

  • Stopped attrition
  • Increased enrollment
  • Improved quality of candidates
  • Increased international leads

How We Did It

  • Brand transformation
  • Clarified position in the marketplace
  • Improved web experience

The Challenge

Enlist brand leadership from the inside out

With enrollment on the decline, MMA realized from day one they wouldn’t get the results they wanted from external changes alone — the transformation needed to come from within. We saw it as our duty to figure out what was really behind the downward trend and take a more comprehensive approach to solving the brand’s challenges.

Secure a more solid footing in the market

We knew the web experience would play a crucial role in the rebranding process. The academy needed a site that recruiters could leverage to generate quality leads, while making it easier for prospective students and their parents to get the information they need to make a decision.

The Solution

We conducted an in-depth brand assessment to evaluate the current impact of the brand and uncover opportunities to reengage the audience. The assessment resulted in dozens of specific strategic and tactical recommendations to support a stronger brand, develop a more valuable brand promise and improve lead generation and internal operations. 

Define the Brand Position

To help define the academy’s position as a premier boarding school, we developed enhanced messaging that speaks to the full value of an MMA education. We helped the client tell the story of how the structure and values of the U.S. Marine tradition transform young boys into men.

Increase Reach and Engagement

With a solidified brand message in place, the academy needed new avenues where they could tell their story to a wider audience. We developed a website that strengthens the academy’s brand perception, tells MMA’s story clearly and concisely, offers improved usability, engages the user with more interactivity and compelling imagery, increases opportunity for dialog through use of social media and provides a better path for the application process.

In addition to the primary website redesign, we developed separate Spanish- and Chinese-language microsites to further its efforts to attract a diverse and international student body. 

The Impact

MMA now has a clearly defined position within the marketplace as a premier college preparatory boarding school. The chosen brand concept conveys MMA’s ability to give its students the building blocks to transform. The refined messaging has led to a significant increase in enrollment inquiries.

Facilitate Alignment to Improve Conversation Quality

Belief in the new positioning spread quickly through the ranks. The school embraced the new operational changes and adapted their behavior to align with the new brand. MMA has revamped its curriculum, updated its pitch to prospective students and retooled its internal training program. The academy’s recruiting staff has also piloted a number of very successful webinars with unprecedented attendance.

“MMA is a prime example of how a rebrand can inspire change. We were able to help them find their true voice, which helped them understand the need for evolving how they conduct their recruiting and fundraising efforts.”

  — Jonathan Fisher
Chairman, BrandExtract