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See how a rebrand increased their global reputation and positioned them as a thought leader°

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Founded in 1974, Houston-based Simmons & Company International is one of the largest and most experienced independent investment banks specializing in the energy industry. The firm’s image, however, had remained largely unchanged since its founding, becoming incongruent with growing service offerings and expertise. The company needed to evolve its identity as an organization without cannibalizing equity in the Simmons brand.

BrandExtract partnered with Simmons to build a brand that was positioned for growth, sustainable far into the future.

What We Did

  • Strategically repositioned brand
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Strengthened recruiting efforts

How We Did It

  • Conducted brand audit and market research
  • Launched a new website
  • Developed a user experience to serve multiple audiences
  • Leveraged brand history

The Challenge

Simmons had enjoyed steady growth over the course of several decades, expanding to four global offices, penetrating new energy markets beyond its initial specialization in oilfield services and establishing itself as a premier partner in virtually every energy sector. Simmons was concerned, however, that their brand was too firmly rooted in the past rather than aimed towards their future vision.

Refresh the brand for future audiences

To gain traction as the preferred energy investment bank, expand visibility among clients and attract the right employees, they wanted to refresh their brand to reflect the state of the company moving onward.  The company needed to overcome its image as an oilfield services investment bank and showcase its capabilities across the entire energy spectrum.

Create a web experience to match industry reputation

The firm’s website didn’t effectively convey Simmons’ full caliber of expertise to potential clients and industry professionals. The new site needed to reflect the firm’s superior research capabilities and capture the dedication, passion and entrepreneurial spirit of its team. Simmons also needed the ability to showcase closed deals in a timely, organized manner so potential customers could view their experience and filter by a certain segment.

The Solution

To gain a better understanding of Simmon’s position in the market, we conducted an in-depth brand assessment and consulted with key stakeholders across each of their target audience groups. Based on our research, we created a new brand that differentiated them, conveying the firm’s intellectual curiosity and depth of insight.

Provide a fresh perspective

We developed the tagline “Energy in Perspective” to capture the firm’s magnitude of services, expertise and unique insight drawn from its decades-long history. The new positioning echoes throughout the site, and an inspired look and feel capture Simmons’ global perspective in the energy market.

To further leverage Simmons’ position as industry leaders, we helped create a more unique identity around their annual Simmons Energy Conference. We elevated the design as well as updated the messaging for the event.

Build a platform to showcase accomplishments

The intuitive site architecture and increased functionalities of the redesign enabled the firm to showcase its vast transaction history and research proficiency in a user-friendly way. By adding access to content-rich data, we increased awareness about the firm’s breadth of coverage.

The Impact

The redesign ultimately captured the true scope of the firm’s capabilities, elevated its image and positioned it as a premier global energy investment bank.

“Simmons granted us access to interview dozens of employees and customers, allowing us to uncover valuable insights about their brand, appearance in the marketplace and the challenges they were facing. When clients trust us to delve deep within their organization, we can create meaningful change for their business.”

— Jonathan Fisher
Chairman, BrandExtract