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The Black Door

Discover How a Campaign Generated a Significant Increase in Sales for Houston Wine Caf├ęs°


Lasco Enterprises, the parent company of The Tasting Room Wine Café, MAX’s Wine Dive and Boiler House Texas Grill & Wine Garden, approached BrandExtract to create a campaign that would reinvigorate its customers and generate more sales for their brands.

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  • The Black Door
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What We Did

  • Grew sales
  • Increases awareness and visibility
  • Utilized retail staff in new ways

How We Did It

  • Successfully launched new campaign
  • Re-engaged customers through Mr. Black campaign
  • Enabled staff to play a role in the new wine deal-making experience


Lasco Enterprises wanted to create a new business model around its existing retail stores to increase foot traffic and wine sales using the limited floor space. They wanted to enhance the customer experience to make purchasing wine easy and fun for the novice, while still educating the experienced connoisseur.


Engage Customers

We created Mr. Black, who offered amazing deals if you were one of the insiders who knew when and where to find them. The persona created extremely engaged customers that obsessed over finding him and following his insider-exclusive deals.

Generate sales

The successful campaign met Lasco’s goals of increasing foot traffic and wine sales using its limited floor space. The engaged customers began to choose MAX or The Tasting Room over other wine experiences.

Engage retail staff in new ways

We empowered the waiters and bartenders to be part of the bootleg wine deal-making experience we created with Mr. Black. We gave them the ability to become wine dealers and brokers by allowing them to negotiate pricing and packaging.


Lasco experienced overwhelming growth across the chain totaling 300% sales growth within the first year. Their bulk inventory continued to sell out of the rear storage space and startling 8,400 club member sign-ups resulted in predictable sales pro formas. They also experienced sold out attendance for new signature events, such as the Cellar Classic.

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