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See how we turned around a manufacturer's reputation and gained market share°

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Varel International manufactures drill bits for the global oil and gas industry, as well as for the mining, industrial and construction drilling markets. As venture capitalists began to heavily invest in the growth of this once small, private company, the time had come to also invest in a brand worthy of its expanding market presence.

We developed a robust brand to convey Varel’s growing influence and market share, positioning them to successfully acquire multiple companies without diluting the strength of their own brand.

What We Did

  • Strategically position the company for growth
  • Enhance brand reputation
  • Modernize culture and brand

How We Did It

  • Refined customer messaging and framework
  • Market research and brand audit
  • Launched new web presence

The Challenge

While operators who purchased Varel drill bits were more than satisfied, the company struggled to make connections beyond its existing customer base. The manufacturer’s minimal marketing efforts lacked the cohesive image and branding breadth needed to support Varel’s growing enterprise.

In order to capitalize on recent growth and investment, Varel needed to move beyond small-scale tactics and develop a long-term strategic marketing plan. They also needed to develop a stronger reputation positioned around quality and innovation in order to target the next tier of customers.

The Solution

We did a complete audit of Varel’s brand touch points to assess key buyer decision criteria and influencing forces. We created new strategic messaging and fine-tuned brand positioning that conveys the company’s increasing market presence, while being flexible enough for Varel to implement globally and support internally.

The new brand focuses on Varel’s advanced proprietary technology that is driving the future of the drilling industry and solving customer challenges. With the new brand in place, we successfully built up Varel’s reputation for product quality and helped the company transfer that brand equity across multiple new acquisitions over the course our 8-year client relationship.

The Impact

Varel’s new brand helped the company gain recognition as a top-ranked competitor, nearly doubling in size, and helped position the company to grow through strategic acquisitions. Once a small, private operation, Varel is now the world’s largest independent supplier in the global oil & gas drill bit market.

“The BrandExtract team was quick to learn the key drivers of our industry. I think BrandExtract’s experience on both the B2B and B2C sides of marketing gives them an ability to think beyond the traditional methods and propose new ways to get our message across.”

— Bill King
Marketing and Intellectual Property Director, Varel International